Here’s Why Joe and Mika Keeping Melting Down on Their Show According to Trump

Joe Scarborough had a nervous breakdown on live television a few days ago.

This guy went fully insane, and in the end, he gave away the Democrats’ whole “plan.” It was a sight to behold.

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Now it’s his mad wife’s turn to have a nervous breakdown in front of the camera.

On Monday morning, Mika Brzezinski said on her MSNBC show “Morning Joe” that the Republican Party “has all the evidence of a serious cult” after Donald Trump’s election.

“The more Republicans lose, the more of a personality cult Donald Trump seems to develop,” said Brzezinski’s co-host and husband Joe Scarborough.

Scarborough said, “It’s very weird, Mika.” “The more Republicans lose, the more Donald Trump seems to grow a personality cult. Take a look at his 2017 setbacks. Take a look at his defeats in 2018 — they were historic. Republicans are losing in the House of Representatives like they’ve never lost before, in terms of pure vote totals. They began losing governorships in the South in 2019, and then in 2020, they lost the big election, the presidential race, Georgia, the Senate, and the House.”

He went on to say, “So, rational groups, parties that really want to rule.” “Rather than making these hyper-gestures, parties who want their policies to alter self-adjust and start electing candidates who can win elections. Donald Trump is not that kind of person. He’s not that kind of person. And we’ve seen time and time again how he places people in tough positions when it comes to winning general elections. So, we’ll see how things go.”

Brzezinski responded, “It has all the hallmarks of a serious cult.” “I’m not making a joke when I say that. At this point, I’m not even exaggerating when I say that.”

Scarborough has referred to the Republican Party and Trump backers as “infected” on several occasions.

“The people within the cult and inside the Trump family who really believe this is a hoax, because if you do, you’re inside a cult, and it’s risky, and you need to get support from mental health providers,” Scarborough said in December. “I would say you should go to church, but there are so many liars behind the pulpit right now spreading Donald Trump’s lies,” she says.

President Trump must have been paying attention because he made a blistering statement today in which he claimed to have found out why everyone at Morning Joe is going crazy…

And he’s almost certainly right.


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