Here’s The Video Biden Hopes You Forgot About, Where he Slams Cops And Calls For Their Defunding…

Crime is on the rise in Democratic-controlled communities across the country.

It’s not by a little margin; it’s by a significant margin.

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Take a look at this:

And don’t we all know why this is happening?

The Democrats are known for their disorder and turmoil.

They’re the “Defund the Police” gang, who seek to support criminals while demonizing the police.

Take a peek at BLM…

This is a Marxist organization that regularly celebrates hoodlums and trashes cops. It’s part of their “brand.”

This is the Democratic Party’s new “theme,” and the skyrocketing crime statistics are the evident result of that lawless narrative.

Take a look at what the police chief in the liberal-controlled city of Oakland, California, just said:

But now, after months of promoting this “Defund the Cops” bullshit and seeing it absolutely backfire, the Democrats are attempting to claim that Republicans are the ones who want to “defund the police.”

This is obviously ludicrous, but it’s typical of Democrats. This is how they win via cheating.


There is no rationale for federal dollars to be used to fund the police. The cops are paid for with state funding, which these liberal cities are robbing. Now, Democrats want to “solve” the problem by diverting federal cash to the police in exchange for political points. Republicans would not approve such a bait-and-switch strategy because it makes no sense.

Meanwhile, Bumbling Joe is out there laughingly proclaiming that he and the Democrats are the “Party of the Police,” that Republicans are the ones who despise cops, that Democrats have never tried to defund cops, and that they back officers 100 percent.

Joe, are you serious?

Well, I found a video that fully refutes it.

Joe is sitting in his basement during the campaign, talking how the cops are the “enemy,” and agreeing that they should be cut off from funding.

The following is a link to a video:


So, tell me, does that sound like a man who “supports and respects the cops” and wants to adequately finance them so they can do their jobs properly?


It isn’t the case.

It’s a video that shows the whole truth about Joe and his vile party, and once again proves that the Democrats are to blame for the rise in crime.


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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