Here’s The Aggressive Plan To Defeat Establishment Democrats

Politico notes that far-left activists like the ‘Squad’ and Bernie Sanders are aggressively focusing on primary candidates and phasing out Democratic candidates that they deem too establishment-oriented.

The revelation is yet another indication of the active yanking of Democrats further and further to the left by the Squad and the Socialist branch of the party.

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“Politico writes that in deep-blue House districts, progressives “are vigorously contesting” in an attempt to block establishment-oriented Democrats from claiming the offices.”

In these Democratic-held places, progressives want to elect the most liberal representatives possible, especially as the razor-thin majority of their party in the House gives them more clout to control the agenda of the chamber.

Politico continues to say that Bernie Sanders, members of the Team, and the Progressive Caucus of Congress are all taking steps to elect their chosen candidates.

Nothing to scoff at is the Politico article. What was once America’s unrepresentative fringe community of radicals is now more of the Democratic Party’s mainstream.

Only think about all the things in the last few years that the Squad has been able to bait and push House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) to do.

“In the midst of a verbal battle with former President Trump in 2019, Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA) defiantly declared: “We are more than four citizens. “Big is our team.”

It will only get bigger in 2020.

Far-Left Democratic In Missouri’s 1st Congressional District, Cori Bush won her election, while others who are considered additions by the Daily Mail, New York’s Jamaal Bowman and Mondaire Jones, did as well.

Since coming to Congress, Bush has become the more outspoken radical of the new entries, requesting President Biden move to give clemency to those now sitting on death row and aggressively calling not only to ‘defund the police’ but to ‘defund the Pentagon.’

Your modern-day Party of Democrats, ladies and gentlemen.

“As politicians address top liberal goals such as a $15 min wage, student loan debt repayment, and police reform, the clash between establishment Democrats and the extremist faction of the party can be seen “.

President Biden has shied away from goals like these. He backtracked on repayment of student loans and essentially begged Democrats to stop lobbying on forums to defund the police.

Today, inside the party, the competing parties are battling for the $15 minimum wage.

Politico notes that “because it does not fulfill the strict budgetary criteria of reconciliation,” the Senate parliamentarian agreed to withdraw the wage increase plan from the new COVID relief bill.

In an interview on MSNBC, President Biden opposed overruling the parliamentarian, with White House chief of staff Ron Klain squashing the proposal and the White House issuing a statement stating that Biden “respects the judgment of the parliamentarian and the procedure of the Senate.”

Biden is now being urged by Progressives to change course.

The caucus Congressional Progressive Caucus tweeted Thursday night, “We will not allow the advisory opinion of an un-elected parliamentarian and Republican obstructionism to deter us from delivering on our pledge to voters.”

“Staff depend on #FightFor15 for us and #RaiseTheWage for millions at last.”

Vice President Kamala Harris has the ability to overrule the parliamentary Senate, but that possibility has so far been avoided by the White House.

The Politico article proceeds to discuss many races in which far-left progressives are interested in either eliminating Democrats from the mainstream or at least dragging them further to the left.



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