Here We Go Again: GOP Just Took It’s Biggest Political Hit Since The Impeachment…

Hard to see how the GOP survives this...

I’m really being sweet when I tell people loathe the GOP.

That’s worse than this.

Republican voters’ contempt for their own party is amazing, and it’s only made worse by people like Mitch McConnell, Liz Cheney, Mitt Romney, and Adam Kinzinger.

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And for the once Grand Old Party, this recent announcement is literally a political deathblow-it is no longer so “grand,” folks.

I’m just not seeing the future of the Republican Party, considering the latest headlines… the electorate are at their wit’s end.

The split of the Republican and Democratic parties by both parties has helped drive support for a national third party to an all-time high of 62 percent.

Only 33 percent are satisfied with the two-party system in the new Gallup poll.

Moreover, the talk of former President Donald Trump about his own “MAGA” party could play a role in a spike in GOP support for something different.

According to the survey analysis just published, “Republicans’ record desire for a third party comes at a moment when they decide whether to remain loyal to Trump or to move on from him.”

At present, 68 percent of Republicans prefer that Trump remain the leader of the party, while 31 percent want a new leader for the party. However, Republican-leaning independents are split, with 47% wanting Trump to continue to lead and 51% preferring a new voice, Gallup said. The expectations of Republicans for a third party among those who want Trump to continue to lead the party are close.

Had the GOP treated the 2020 election differently, people may not have been so crazy.

But frankly, how were they able to deal with it any differently? From their acts and words, it is clear that they were in on it, so that’s why they failed to battle and demand real audits and investigations.

It’s such a damning “look” for a political party to sit back and watch as 75+ million of its members think their voice and their vote have been stolen, and they’ve actually done nothing… and they seem to be stonewalling worse than nothing.

And then, as if that wasn’t bad enough, after all the nastiness has gone down, the GOP keeps needling and poking the bear.

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