Here Is The Blistering Message Ted Nugent Sent to Joe Biden

Ted Nugent, a rock legend, wrote a letter to Biden shortly after he was “inaugurated.”

It was a political shot across the bow from the Motor City Madman…

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I came across that letter again today, and I figured it would be a perfect re-read for those who haven’t read it before.

I just re-read it and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Despite the fact that it was written a few months ago, I have a feeling that every word the Motor City Madman said will still resonate with people today.

The author (I’m not sure who actually wrote the letter) discusses the ludicrous so-called “peace note” that Joe attempted to peddle when he was first placed in place in the letter, which Ted shared on Facebook.

It’s actually amusing to reflect on how much of a failure the “unity” garage was just a few months ago.

We have never been more divided or at odds in this country than we are right now.

Well, Ted could see the writing on the wall when Joe first said that silly “unit post” – because he “nailed it” by posting this message – and, unfortunately, it has stood the test of time.

Take a look:

Despite my refusal to listen, I understand that during your presidential acceptance speech, you called on Trump supporters to unite.

My president, Donald Trump, made a similar appeal for unity four years ago.

I recall how members of your Democratic Party in Congress protested his inauguration by boycotting it.

I recall how you and your Democratic Party lied and used the country’s most powerful law enforcement agency to spy on President Trump’s campaign.

I recall you and your Democratic Party fabricating a Russian dossier in an attempt to impeach my President Trump.

I recall your House Speaker ripping up my President Trump’s beautiful State of the Union address on national television.

I recall you and your Democratic Party attempting to impeach my President Trump over a phone call to Ukraine. You accused my President Trump of being a pay-to-play politician. Joe, it turned out that you and your son Hunter were the ones who did it.

I recall you and your Democratic Party blaming my President Trump for a pandemic that was entirely his fault.

I recall how you and your Democratic Party aided and abetted rioting and looting in my great nation, the United States of America.

I recall you and your Democratic Party using the media to spread lies about my President Trump.

I recall you and your Democratic Party stealing President Trump’s victory.

This Trump supporter recalls everything you said, Joe, and will not join the Democratic Party.

This Trump supporter would treat you with the same deference that you showed to my President Trump.

Your heinous fraudulent deception is treasonous.

So, Fuck it!!!


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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