Her Parents Refused To Get Vaccinated To Attend Her Wedding!

Just to mention, the woman, the daughter who’s doing the wedding, is a Liberal. She doesn’t seem to understand the views and decisions made by her conservative parents, who stick to their word!

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Here’s an everyday story, with a dose of political issues in it. What happens when politics intervene in the most cherished, personal choices? Family matters such as this one…

A Liberal woman, Amy Bettis just posted on Twitter about her parents rather not going to their daughter’s wedding, than getting vaccinated honestly support their decision. Though, they also carry a heavy burden, the cost of their precious daughter’s wedding! However, the cost of life is much higher…

Here are some of the comments on her Twitter post.

“Smart parents.”

“if you’re vaccinated, who cares what they do?”

“So sorry for you. That is heartbreaking. I wish we could all sue Faux News for breaking families apart with propaganda that is literally killing people.”

“Can’t they just get tested? If they don’t have COVID why isn’t that good enough?”

“Your parents sound sane, you on the other hand, not so much”

“Tell your parents they can come to hang out with me, they sound awesome”

“Fox News is destroying this country”

“Smart. Drop your stupid wedding mandates. Their bodies, their choice right?”

“Did you even give them the option to get tested instead of the vaccine, or does that not help the “poor me” image you want on Twitter.”

“I feel sorry for this ladies husband, he should get out now, while he can”

Do you agree with the choice her parents made?


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