HEART ATTACKS In Youngsters Due To The C-19 Vaccine Is The REAL PANDEMIC!

The new reality that we have to face is that teens and 20-somethings are dying like flies from deadly heart and brain conditions because the CDC allows the vaccine for children aged 5.

One terrible and terrifying Instagram post shows the new reality the world has to face. The post consists of a video taken on a crowded street in Israel, and one young girl in her 20s collapses. She closed her eyes, and her head was listing back and to one side, and she looked utterly unresponsive while paramedics wheeled her through the traffic. One man from the crowd started yelling: “This is Pfizer! This is Pfizer! This is Pfizer!”

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This is the New Normality. If you think it is an overstatement, read these stories.

There are good odds that every one of the youngsters is vaccinated. Ask Gavin Newsom, and the children are forced to get vaccinated to go to school. Kyrie Irving pressured the young athletes to get jabbed To play.

Rising youth mortality and heart attacks

These statistics represent a tragic global phenomenon, and it is only the beginning. It started in India, where the Hindu Times reported heart attacks among the youngsters, increasing the number.

The article is about Puneeth Rajkumar, and he died five days ago at 46. He felt chest pain at the gym, and the media didn’t report that the yoga practitioner having a healthy life got his vaccine in April.

Also, it is happening in Canada too. The officials reported 970 confirmed cases of myocarditis, and the patients are at 27 approximately.

Also, here it is, Scotland, was a mysterious rise in heart attacks from blocked arteries has baffled.

Recently the mortality data for England and Wales is also baffling, but only if you are a public health expert unable to consider the recent injection of a powerfully immune-modulating novel-platform, experimental gene-modifying spike-producing vaccine in your analysis.

Information from the Office for National Statistics shows that young people, from 15-19 age, are dying in more significant numbers.

Vaccine injuries clogging health systems

People worried about the C-19 overwhelmed hospitals; see the statistics from the VAERS System. In children from 6 to 17, 26.608 reported side effects from the vaccines on October 22. As CNN suggests, there are no “sore arm at the injection site” and “mild fevers.”

They include 1.689 minors who were hospitalized. Also, they include 321 additional youngsters who were classified as experiencing life-threatening events. Also, there were 163 young people permanently disabled.
In 18 months since public health experts began “responding” to the coronavirus, 542 children under age 18 have died of COVID-19 in the United States (which is about 30 children per month). Most of them had severe underlying sicknesses.

One childhood death of flu in 2020

These people calculated the risk and benefit of C-19 shots for youngsters, and they are the ones who spread fear about C-19 in kids. Every year more than 100 people die from flu. With C-19, there are many premature infants and severely sick children before they are infected. In the six months from the 2017 to 2018 flu season, 188 children died from the flu. The CDC obtained a report of one pediatric flu death in the pandemic 2020-21 season.

It seems that the flu faded away with the appearance of the C-19.

In vaccine injury data about the older teens, the image is more in case. See what VAERS reported:
184 deaths
1,215 life-threatening adverse events
1,892 permanent disabilities
5,542 hospitalizations (and an addition 71 with “prolonged hospitalization”)
11,647 emergency room visits
13, 556 visits to doctors’ offices

Other adverse events, all totaling 85,415, were reported.

The vaccine injuries impact the young population.

It isn’t reported that the C-19 death toll was confined to the elderly, with the vast majority of deaths in those older than 70, but with the youngsters bearing the brunt on vaccine injury.

What will follow?

Siblings vaccinated with the Pfizer shot at a Walgreen’s pharmacy in Indiana, with one adult dose of the vaccine instead of the flu shot.

The children got sick before he arrived home, and the other one had a racing heart and high blood pressure.

With the vaccine rollout to children as young as five set to start, it’s hard not to envision a future of rashes of VAERS reports, case studies, and news accounts about little ones, and they develop heart attacks on playgrounds and dropping with brain bleeds and thrombosis.

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