Heart Attack Dath among Soccer Players Has Risen For About 278% in The 2021!

Shocking statistics are being published all the time. The latest scientific data made available online is approachable for different analysts, and they each bomb us with new horrifying details on COVID, shots and deaths every single day…

But we must stay informed in order to save ourselves and make a change in the future – a future that might even exist without us in it!

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Going beyond stating that deaths among soccer players in 2021 have risen by an incredible 278%, the analysis further indicates that the vast majority of excess mortality in the UK this year has been due to cardiovascular, immunological and neurological damage caused by the Covid-19 injections.

“Pro footballers are dying of cardiovascular problems during games at 278% of the normal annual rate (22/7.92 = 2.78 = 278%) / 178% higher the normal annual rate for male cardiovascular football match deaths.

8.9 million out of 55.4 million deaths worldwide in 2019 were from heart disease. This is 16% of all deaths. So if heart disease death went up by 178% in all age groups in all activity classes worldwide, then overall deaths (excess mortality) would go up by 28.5% and an extra 15.8 million people would be killed.”

Now think about this.

If a vaccine kills an athlete in a few months it will most likely kill a “couch potato” within a few years. Especially if they take up the offer of never-ending “booster” shots.

The media cannot hide the death of a pro footballer during a game and neither can a corrupt government statistics department resurrect him. These deaths are the most accurate and open data set we have. So we should pay them very close attention.

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