Healthy Mother Now Struggles With Blood Clots In A Wheelchair As A Consequence Of The C-19 VACCINE!

This woman’s story will make you question how safe and effective the shots that Fauci promotes are.
Kerry Hurt (43) is a mother from the UK who ended up in a wheelchair struggling with blood clots. From this perspective, she realized that she had made the wrong decision and made a terrible mistake. The stroke she survived has left her in a wheelchair.

Kerry spoke to the Manchester Evening News, and she said that she had to get the life-saving treatment due to the blood clot on her brain one week after the AstraZeneca vaccine. During her surgery, the doctors had to remove one part of the skull, and then she suffered a stroke, resulting in paralyzing of the left side.

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Since then, the doctors concluded that her situation was a side effect of the vaccine. Patrick, her husband, emphasized that they aren’t anti-vaccination peddles. But, the government had to give better support to these kinds of families.

“Millions of people have been helped, but for those who have suffered, surely they should be given the support they need, as, after all, we were only doing what we were asked for the benefit of all,” he said. “We were a healthy couple that went on six-mile walks at the weekend, and we didn’t expect anything like this.”

Patrick spoke to a couple of lawyers to claim the support they deserve as compensation for what has happened to his wife, but no one wanted to take this case.

“We know it’s saved a lot of people, but for us, it went wrong, and they need to support us,” he said, with Kerry adding, “We thought we were doing the right thing by taking the vaccine, but obviously it all went a bit pear-shaped for me.”

Now, Kerry can’t return to work, and her brother created a GoFundMe page. Until now, they have raised $10,000, which will provide specialist equipment and pay for the continued rehabilitation sessions that this mother needs.
Furthermore, the doctors have to perform another surgery where a metal plate will be placed in her head to fulfill the missing part of her skull.

“People have been so kind and so good and supportive. We’ve been overwhelmed by it,” she said. “The family support has been incredible. We couldn’t have done it without them.”

“She is now confined to a wheelchair and is having daily physiotherapy to try and help get some movement back into her left side,” Kelly’s brother stated. “As a family, we are strong, but how Kerry has dealt with such a devastating situation is just amazing. She doesn’t complain and just gets on with it.

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