‘Health Experts’ Blame Referee Whistles For Athlete’s Heart Issues?!

Yup – athletes are dropping dead like flies all over the world.

But’ it’s the referee’s fault?!

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Professional athletes are supposed to be among the healthiest people on the planet but in the past hundreds have collapsed with sudden and inexplicable heart conditions.

Just recently, professional soccer star Adama Traore collapsed on the field while grabbing at his chest.

Instead of taking scientific research further – the media is helping the giant pharma companies to wash out the guilt from their hands.

A mainstream news story doing the rounds at the moment is claiming that “referee whistles” are to blame for the sudden increase in heart problems among footballers. The story also claims that “All incidents are non-vaccine related.“

Here’s more from Zero Hedge.

“This is easily solved. Ban whistles. Except that won’t work, because even the dullest amongst us will come to think to themselves two things. Firstly, where are all the dead footballers from all the whistle-blowing which we’ve had for… well, forever? Heaven forbid they ask themselves the obvious question. What’s changed?

Secondly, when reading “all incidents are non-vaccine related,” they may wonder to themselves, “Isn’t it normal to require a post mortem to be conducted to determine what exactly the cause or causes may have been? Very odd that a journalist can determine such things.” But here we know with absolute certainty that it’s not vaccine-related. No mention of anything other than the vaccine. The problem with this has been highlighted back in 2003 with that god-awful singer Barbra Streisand, now famously known as the Streisand effect.”

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