Have You Watched The MAGA Version Of PM Japan Meeting? [VIDEO]

Oh… you will ADORE the new MAGA version of the Japan Prime Minister’s visit to the White House! It is much better than the official WH Video!

Well, now let’s start!

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You have probably seen the bizarre video where Harris greets Japan Prime Minister instead of Sleepy Joe Biden!

It happened yesterday, and we can declare it to be the most embarrassing event that occurred at the White House, ever!

Japan’s Prime Minister met with Harris and Biden at the White House, and the meeting was a terrible mess!

Why was it a mess?

Well, Biden didn’t even greet the guest. Perhaps this happened because our ‘’President’’ was under the weather, so Harris had to do that.

If you were at Japan’s PM, what would you do if you were insulted this way?

Because of the insulting move, the entire situation became bizarre, uncomfortable, and odd. Kamala Harris doesn’t want to pretend to be an ‘’elected’’ VP, and she shows that!

Very unprofessional, embarrassing, weird event!

However, it is the handler’s chance to groom Kamala, and they have their job cut out for themselves.

Below you can watch the original video.

We found one other version, much better and amusing, and I had to share it with you!

I don’t doubt that you will enjoy it!

It is called the MAGA version and is a parody video. That is much closer to reality!

Watch the MAGA VERSION below.


If I were at Japan’s PM’s place, I would say: What are these clowns trying to do, and where is President Trump?

We all know that Trump and Japan’s PM were very close allies, and they collaborated very well.

Moreover, since Trump isn’t here, everything is destroyed. We should give Sleepy Joe a medal for the fastest destruction of the U.S.A.

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