Harris Faulkner Boils Biden And Kamala In Hottest Lava In Just 90 Sec!

You won’t get another chance at looking at Harris emotional, pissed off, and revengeful – don’t miss the chance to see this exclusive hot video!

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This is a totally different concept of crushing the Dems from the ones that we’ve seen with pundits.

Harris Faulkner, the Fox News host went emotional and raged, going after Joe and Kamala. She first started with VP Kamala, writing her off as a “useless and pointless person that she has shown herself to be”, and then went on to basically point out that Kamala is not “commander in chief” material.

Then she turned to Joe Biden.

“The Taliban continues its siege of Afghanistan’s provincial capitals on Friday, bringing their total to at least 17 of the country’s 34 which include the country’s second-and third-largest cities: Kandahar in the south and Herat in the west, AP reports. Clashes between the Taliban and Afghan forces have intensified as foreign militaries, including the US and NATO, are scheduled to withdraw from Afghanistan by August 31. Pentagon officials revealed that troops are being sent to help evacuate some embassy staff in Afghanistan as intelligence assessment anticipates that the country’s capital Kabul could fall to Taliban within 90 days, according to Reuters.”

The Talibans started moving and making noise because President Trump is n longer in office, and they’re pretty much aware that Biden can’t do s**t to handle them!


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