Happy Birthing People’s Day? Democrats Want To Change The Word “Mother”

Mother’s Day is on Sunday.

One of my best days of the year is today. I’m showered with love and presents, I don’t have to cook, and I’m reminded during the day that it’s my day.

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I am a mother, after all.

What’s more, guess what? I believe I am deserving of it.

I decided to be a mother, and it is simultaneously one of the most difficult and fulfilling jobs in the world.

If ever there was a gift, this is it.

However, it seems that the Democrats now want to reduce my title.

They don’t believe I should be addressed as “mother.”

No, because I just delivered a service, according to them.

According to the Democrats, I am now a “birthing boy,” much like your mailman or salesperson.

Your mother is as well.

No way, not mothers, you might say.

Every single person has a mother. Isn’t that something they wouldn’t touch?

Thankfully, some people also believe that the words “birthing people” are not only ludicrous, but also offensive.

Fox News reports that:

The comment sparked a furious backlash on social media. Bush’s use of the word “feature” was criticized by critics as limiting women to a “function.”

Tim Carney, a columnist for the Washington Examiner, wrote, “This is s—.” “They’re known as mothers. Calling them “birthing people” dehumanizes them by reducing them to a role. That is what this whole gender theory is based on. Reduce us to atomized, self-contained individuals with no position or ties.”

Emily Zanotti of the Daily Wire described the word as “completely offensive” and “almost unbelievable.”


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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