Hank Kunneman Announces 2 Major Events Happening In One Day!

Do you want to know the forecasts by Pastor Hank Kunneman?

In the last few days, the pastor shared some new shocking events that will take place in the future in one day.

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They are brand new!

He shared his analysis on his Sunday Service on March 21.

Below you can read some notes from his service. The words that you will read are Kunneman’s from the Sunday Service!

Harsh season coming to a close.

It has already begun, it is already in process and will continue to build.

Information will come out that will cause mouths to drop open and they will say it’s conspiracy but the truth will prevail.

It will be a great showing off by God!

A great celebration will start in the U.S. and spread to the world.


New era!

New currency!

New generation!




Two major events will happen in one day!  One in the morning and one in the evening…

Heavy rains will be a sign of the bursting in the heavens!

Strange sounds, strange sights….a shaking is coming!

The season of removal!

And the most striking one!

Some have already been removed from the Earth and it will soon be revealed who.”

Doesn’t thing seem like military tribunals and executions that already happened?

I think so!

Is it Hillary fake?

Is Biden fake, or Bidan?

Everything will surface!

Can you recall Kim Clement’s statement: ’’and then another Snowden arises.. .’’?

Will we pass the same period all over again?

The time comes when huge secrets will be revealed!

We are going to be aware of everything happening around us!

I am finally happy that everything will come to an end!

Below you can see the video.

Do you want to know what the people think? In addition, you can read the best comments so far.

And here is the argument backed up by YouTube!

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