Hald a Million Died From A Headache Pill: Vax Manufacturers Continue Their Crimes Against Humanity

“Their business model is committing felonies… You’re gonna kill so many people per dose, we can still make more money, even if they all sue us.”

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The Big Pharma is one of the biggest challenges of the normal human life, and the survival of the human race.

And Robert F. Kennedy is one of the people who is calling them out.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.: Four companies make all 72 of those vaccines, which is Pfizer…

Mike Tyson: Oh, Pfizer is killing everybody.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr.
: … Merck, Glaxo and Sanofi. All of those companies are convicted felons. And not only that, they’re serial felons. Their business model is committing felonies. These companies in the last ten years, collectively have paid $35 billion in penalties, damages, fines for falsifying science, for defrauding regulators, for lying to doctors, and for killing hundreds of thousands of people. Vioxx, which was Merck’s flagship product, killed between 120,000 and 500,000 Americans. This was a pill that Merck was selling as a headache pill. And Merck knew caused heart attacks and killed people. And they didn’t tell anybody. They knew, you know, we got the spreadsheets that show they’re bean counters, their accountants, this is, you’re gonna kill so many people per dose, we can still make more money, even if they all sue us. In the end, they killed, you know, up to half a million Americans. And they got away with it. They paid $7,000,000,000 in fines. Nobody went to jail. And this is, you know…

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