Gretchen Whitmer is Finally Getting What She Deserves…

Because I’m from Michigan, I’ve been on a rollercoaster of emotions when it comes to holding Gretchen M. Whitmner accountable for her totalitarian overreach during the COVID fiasco.

There had been whispers that the “clampdown” would take place, but Gretchen just kept steamrolling us all.

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It was almost as if she was invincible.

I had given up hope of her being reined in, if not impeached, at one point…

Given the condition of Michigan’s “election” situation, I began to believe she, too, would never be voted out.

And, like many other Michigan residents, I was fed up with the Republican government’s seeming fear of confronting Whitmer and holding her accountable.

But it appears that this is going to change…

Michigan’s legislature may soon have some checks and balances restored, according to Red State, more than a year after the state’s current governor overstepped her power. The truly amazing thing is that the statute she violated will be permanently repealed without a veto threat, and no governor will be allowed to utilize it in the future. That is a good thing, regardless of whether the governor is a Democrat or a Republican, since it will protect the people of Michigan against abuse.


In March of 2020, the 49th governor of Michigan invoked a unique statute to effectively shut down the state in response to COVID-19 being billed as the greatest threat since the last greatest threat we faced. The Governor’s Emergency Powers Act of 1945 grants the governor superpowers to protect residents from activities that we do on a daily basis. The text of the 1945 act is as follows…

The executive power of the state of Michigan is vested in the governor under Section 1 of Article 5 of the Michigan Constitution of 1963.

“During times of great public crisis, disaster, rioting, catastrophe, or similar public emergency within the state… the governor may proclaim a state of emergency and designate the area involved,” according to the Emergency Powers of the Governor Act of 1945, 1945 PA 302, as amended, MCL 10.31 et seq. 10.31 MCL (1). The state of emergency ends “when the governor declares that the emergency has ended.” 10.31 MCL (2).

These powers can be extended, but only when the governor receives agreement from the legislature after 28 days. Whitmer decided she didn’t need the legislature’s consent any longer at the end of April 2020, so she just ended the old emergency declaration and signed a new one for the next 28 days.

Isn’t she a talented artist?!

This is how it went down:

According to the Detroit Free Press:

After the Board of State Canvassers certified a petition campaign Tuesday, a legislation that Gov. Gretchen Whitmer used extensively to fight the coronavirus outbreak could be repealed as soon as next week.

The board voted 3-0 to certify the Unlock Michigan petition to abolish the Emergency Powers of Governor Act of 1945, with one of the two Democratic board members missing.

Previously, the board was split 2-2 on whether or not to certify the legislative effort. However, Unlock Michigan took its case to the Michigan Supreme Court, which ordered the board to certify, claiming that the group had clearly gathered more than the 340,000 legitimate signatures required by state law.

Over 300,000 signatures were collected by the group “Unlock Michigan” to urge that the Michigan State legislature REPEAL the 1945 law that Whitmer had originally employed.

God bless those individuals, for we in Michigan have felt as if we were screaming into the wind and no one was listening up until now.

Also, I see Gretchen’s little ruse with the “28 days” trick now, and it makes sense why she continued going and going despite being purportedly “stripped” of her powers.

This woman has been like the Midwestern Wicked Witch…

But I think we’ve finally located a pail of water we can throw on her…


Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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