Gregg Jarrett Deftly Explains How The Fake News Media Created the “Trump Tax Fraud” Hoax

The media has spent the last five years or more twisting itself into a pretzel in an attempt to “defeat” President Trump.

He feels as if the “walls” are continually closing in on him.

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The walls, on the other hand, never do…

What is the reason for this?

Because, rather than providing true news, the media is a propaganda machine that “spins” information to fit their narrative.

In an attempt to delegitimize Trump, once-respected news organizations such as WAPO and the New York Times have devolved into glorified blogs and tabloid nonsense.

We’ve seen this foolishness before, from the Russia hoax to those absurd rape allegations to Stormy Daniels, Michael Cohen, John Bolton, and every other ridiculous “bombshell” that’s been thrown around.

The narrative that President Trump was ready to be “indicted” for tax fraud is one of their most recent false news “spin jobs.”

To be honest, this was one of the easiest false news items to recognize…

As you are probably aware, President Trump was recently cleared of all charges.

Of course not, and the media was well aware of this, but they continued to promote the false notion that he would be prosecuted, whipping their brain-dead followers into yet another futile frenzy.

Gregg Jarrett, a Fox News lawyer and legal analyst, expertly outlined how the media carried off this latest deception.

Attorney and Fox News legal commentator Gregg Jarrett slammed the media on Monday for implying that New York prosecutors were never close to indicting former President Donald Trump on tax-related charges, saying anyone who relies on biased information is “twice the idiot,” according to Bizpacreview.

Jarrett pushed back on such media claims in an interview with network primetime host Sean Hannity, saying that Trump, the billionaire real estate and business mogul, doesn’t do his own taxes and instead hires professionals to do so, and as a result, he’ll never be charged with intent to defraud the government.

Jarrett told Hannity, “So much for all the frantic reports that Donald Trump would be legally accused and donning an orange jumpsuit while peeking behind steel bars.”

“Reporters who relied on a notorious liar like Michael Cohen and his prediction of Trump’s impeachment now appear to be the chumps that they are,” he continued, referring to Trump’s former personal lawyer, who was convicted of lying to Congress and campaign finance violations in December 2018 and sentenced to three years in prison.

“Trying to go after someone like Trump for tax and real estate fraud has always been a fool’s errand because he doesn’t fill out his taxes, he doesn’t fill out loan applications,” Jarett added.

“He enlists the help of a team of professionals, including lawyers, CPAs, tax accountants, and real estate experts, for expertise, guidance, and advise. If you rely on the experience of professionals, it’s quite difficult for the government to prove the intent required for fraud,” the legal analyst continued.

“So here we are, after years of research into Donald Trump. And all you’ve got is ‘very minor stuff,'” Jarrett continued, quoting Trump’s personal attorney, Ronald Fischetti, a 30-year acquaintance of the Fox News analyst who said last week that Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance’s office was not looking to prosecute the former president with anything.



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