Greg Kelly of Newsmax Notices Something “Rotten” in Several Photos Leading up to Ashli Babbitt’s Murder

As you are probably aware, the man who shot and killed unarmed vet Ashli Babbitt has come forward to confess his crime.

Michael Byrd is his name, and based on his track record, he’s a glorified “mall cop” at best.

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Mr. Byrd, who calls himself a “hero” and claims that by shooting and murdering an unarmed woman on January 6th, he saved “countless lives,” once left his loaded revolver in a public restroom while a group of children was touring the Capitol.
Concerns over Biden’s “timing” of the withdrawal from Afghanistan

The man is a danger to society, as well as a fumbling nincompoop.

Roll Call reads:

A U.S. Capitol Police lieutenant left his service weapon in a bathroom Monday night and the unattended gun was discovered later by another Capitol Police officer.

After the House adjourned on Monday, Lt. Mike Byrd left his Glock 22 in a bathroom in the Capitol Visitor Center complex, according to sources familiar with the incident. Byrd is the commander of the House Chambers section of the Capitol Police and was on the job Tuesday and Wednesday.

Byrd addressed the incident at Tuesday morning’s officer roll call and, according to sources, told fellow officers that he “will be treated differently” because of his rank as a lieutenant. It was not clear what exactly the lieutenant meant by the comment.

Unlike a gun with a traditional safety, a Glock will fire if the trigger is pulled — making the discovery of an unattended gun in the Capitol complex particularly concerning.

Greg Kelly of Newsmax has been following this topic for quite some time, and he discovered something intriguing in a couple of images from the moments preceding up to Ashli Babbitt’s shooting.

“Something is ROTTEN,” Greg explained. The 6th of January. See those two cops in the upper left? They WALK AWAY from the door they are guarding for NO REASON. Then the Man in the Mask merely stands there and watches while someone tries to break down the door. He takes no action to prevent Ashli Babbitt from escaping. “Something has gone AWOL.”

Something doesn’t appear to be quite right, as Greg points out. Why did Michael Byrd feel compelled to fire the “death shot” while the cop next to Ashli did nothing?

To be honest, something about this, and the entire “January 6th” event, smells bad.

The most ludicrous aspect of it all is that there will be no public probe into Ashli’s death.

We’re only meant to take the Capitol Police’s word for it, a group of “Keystone Cops” who assert, “Nope, nothing to see here, everything is on the up and up…”

No, I don’t believe so.

Right now, the only way we’ll receive any answers is if we take back the case the Babbitt family filed against the government.

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