Greg Gutfeld Did a Little Digging And Discovered The Most Fatal Flaw Media Made During COVID

With the revelation of Fauci’s emails, a whole new can of worms has opened up about the origins of COVID-19 and the early response to it.

Greg Gutfeld delves at the media’s response in the early days of the virus, or more especially, the lack thereof, in a recent discussion on “The Five.”

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Gutfeld adds out that when COVID-19 first erupted in China, the media devoted all of their attention to that initial phony impeachment.

Rather than focusing on the disease that was spreading China, they chose to devote 24 hours a day to a false impeachment that ultimately failed horribly.

It’s also worth noting that the Democrats did the same thing. They couldn’t care less about the virus than about impeaching Trump.

“I love how the media compared Fauci’s emails to that lady, Nicolle what’s-her-name? ‘Oh, they’re so nice,’ Wallace says. They failed to mention that the email comes from his government. He has a personal email address. “Everyone keeps their official communications as bland as possible,” Gutfeld said, adding that he had always thought of Fauci as a bureaucrat.

“I’m more disgusted with the media, who, surprise, have refused to perform their job once again. They’re supposed to be heroes, after all. Isn’t it their job to open the can of worms? When someone says it’s a can of worms, they’re meant to dive straight into it, open it up, and eat all of the worms,” Gutfeld added, quickly recognizing that his analogy was flawed.

“They did not do any research to refute the theory. Those who mentioned the hypothesis were mocked as either dumb or racist. They substituted anti-Trump fury for journalism, causing them to miss possibly the most important story of their lives,” Gutfeld said.

The media only became interested in COVID once it appeared to be a tool to stifle Trump’s power.

Once again, proving that it’s all about politics.

Imagine how different things would have been if they had tackled this infection sooner and from a different perspective.


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