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(Natural News) As more individuals become aware of graphene oxide’s presence in covid vaccinations, IN BRAIN Neuroelectronics illustrates that graphene-based “neuromodulation” technology based on AI-powered microelectronics is a very real possibility.

According to a BusinessWire.com press release dated March 30, 2021, the following is the story:

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INBRAIN Neuroelectronics Raises $17 Million in Series A Funding for First AI-Powered Graphene-Brain Interface The funding will allow the company to move forward with first-in-human studies for its flagship product, a less-invasive neuromodulation device that uses artificial intelligence and graphene electrodes to treat neurological conditions.

Graphene isn’t found in vaccines, and graphene biocircuits are a conspiracy theory, according to so-called “fact-checkers,” who are nothing more than disinformation propagandists. The fact-checkers are lying, according to INBRAIN Neuroelectronics.

INBRAIN is attempting to “establish the safety of graphene as the new standard of care for neurotechnology devices,” according to their own press release.

They also describe graphene biocircuits as a type of upgradeable platform:

Less intrusive and clever neuroelectronic technologies, such as ours, could enable safer, upgradable, and adaptive therapies in real time…

If that sounds familiar, it’s because Moderna, the company behind the mRNA covid vaccination, refers to its technology as an “operating system” that can be updated and reprogrammed at any time.

The company describes itself on the INBRAIN Neuroelectronics website as follows:

We are a group of scientists, medics, technologists, and humanitarians who are working to develop neuroelectronic interfaces to treat brain illnesses. To aid patients all across the world, we use GRAPHENE, the thinnest material known to man, to create a new generation of neural interfaces for brain rehabilitation.

“Graphene is the next big thing in bioengineering materials, which are cornerstone components to the next gen of electrotherapies in the continuously developing field of neuromodulation,” says Prof. A. Fasano.

The company claims that their technology can “read” a person’s brain, detect specific neurological patterns, and then manage that person’s neurology to alter brain function.

Our graphene-brain interfaces can read at a previously unheard-of resolution, detect therapy-specific biomarkers, and trigger highly targeted adaptive neuromodulation for improved outcomes in customised neurological therapies.

The “thinnest known material to flawlessly adjust stimulation to targeted brain anatomy” is how graphene is described.

Anyone who claims that graphene isn’t being utilized to regulate human neurology is either completely ignorant of current neuroscience or lying to you.

To be clear, we are not implying that INBRAIN Neuroelectronics is involved in any malicious activities or that they are developing covid vaccinations. Graphene-based biocircuits, like any other technology, can be utilized for good or evil, depending on the ethics and intentions of those in charge. There are undeniably great applications for this technology, but as with most technologies that were originally hailed as strengthening humanity — television, vaccinations, the internet, nuclear power, robotics, and so on — it is not without its drawbacks.

To put it another way, there is no technology that madmen will not use to enslave humanity and expand their power and control. Graphene biocircuits allow power-hungry lunatics immediate access to your brain, and many analysts (see below) believe that vaccines provide a pretext to inject human victims with graphene-based compounds that self-assemble into biocircuits in the brain.

CLAIM: Covid vaccinations include a lot of graphene oxide, which self-assembles into biocircuits by extracting components like iron from human blood.

According to Orwell.city, a group named La Quinta Columna investigated covid vaccinations and discovered that graphene oxide makes up 98 percent to 99 percent of the non-liquid bulk in the vaccine. According to La Quinta Columna’s Ricardo Delgado:

For a long time, this phenomena was disputed, but it has now been proven. There are millions of videos of individuals going about their daily lives all throughout the world. Videos discuss a condition known as “pseudo-magnetism acquired after inoculation,” albeit it can also be acquired in other ways. As a result of that fundamental epidemiological investigation, we began to question what compounds or nanoparticles could cause magnetism in the human body.

This is an electromagnetic induction phenomenon in the metal that adheres to the inoculation region. We’ve also discovered that the magnetism eventually goes towards the head. And this is quite significant. Certainly for the purpose they may be looking for. A potential difference is also measured with a multimeter, indicating that the person has become a superconductor. It sends and receives signals, in other words. When we discovered the materials that can produce these kinds of changes in the body, we started talking about graphene. We assumed it was graphene oxide because it exhibited all of the same features that magnetized persons did after being inoculated.

Graphene is a poisonous substance; it is a chemical, a poisonous chemical agent. It creates thrombi when significant amounts of it are introduced into the body. Blood clots are caused by it. We have all of the scientific evidence to back up our claims. It produces post-inflammatory syndrome as well as immune system changes. When the redox balance is disrupted, meaning there is less of the body’s own reserve glutathione than an introduced toxicant like graphene oxide, the immune system collapses, resulting in a cytokine storm. Isn’t it, in other words, extremely comparable to the fashionable disease?

See the video here:


Delgado continues, saying:

Given that all patients who are inoculated with the Pfizer vaccine, which we sent for study, as well as Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson&Johnson, Janssen, Sinovac, and other vaccinations gain magnetic properties, we suspect that they all contain more or less graphene, graphene oxide.

…we know that N-acetylcysteine, sometimes known as glutathione, destroys graphene oxide. That is why we believe we have directly identified the disease’s causal or etiological agent.

I go through further aspects of this unusual nanotechnology in today’s Situation Update podcast, including “self-assembling” graphene biocircuit nanostructures and how they could be used to form an antenna to receive commands or instructions from external electromagnetic fields.


If this is the case, it means that by broadcasting signals from 5G mobile towers, worldwide governments may be able to control the vaccinated masses. Although it may sound like science fiction, this technique has actually been shown in mice trials, using both SPIONs (Super Paramagnetic Iron Oxide Nanoparticles) for targeted tissue medication delivery and “magneto” proteins for neuromodulation (brain control).

In today’s podcast, I also talk about Elon Musk’s underground tunnels and underground cities/bases, as well as why I believe globalists are aware of an extinction-level event that threatens human civilization’s very survival. Here are all the details:

www.abc13.com www.ec.europa.eu www.beforeitsnews.com

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