Gov. of Alabama Releases New Ad: 2020 Was “Stolen” From President Trump

The GOP isn’t going to get out of this one easily.

But SMART GOP politicians are paving their way out before the ship starts sinking really bad.

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“We haven’t forgotten or forgiven what happened that night. It remains one of the most horrific things that’s ever happened to this country… the most egregious and traitorous move to make against Americans – stealing their voice and their vote.”

This is the moral behind Alabama’s governor Kay Ivey’s bold new and brave campaign ad.

Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is doing in her new brave, bold new campaign ad.

“Alabama Governor Kay Ivey (R-AL) “hit the nail squarely on the head” this election season with campaign ads that will make any blue-state conservative resident fawn with envy, promising to ensure secure elections in light of the 2020 election, strongly supporting second amendment rights and taking a playful dig at President Joe Biden,” Bizpacreview reported.

“The fake news, big tech, and blue-state liberals stole the election from President Trump,” the 54th governor of Alabama said.

“But here in Alabama, we’re making sure that never happens. We have not, and will not send absentee ballots to everyone and their brother. We banned corrupt curbside voting. And our results will always be audited,” she continued.

“I’m Kay Ivey, the left is probably offended. So be it,” she said. “As long as I’m governor, we’re gonna protect your vote.”

Watch the amazing ad here:

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