Google Wants To Hide That NHS Docs Show GP Will Pay £10 For Every Child’s Vaccine Besides The Received £12.58!

The Pfizer vaccine is applied to children above 12, classified as vulnerable, or live with some vulnerable people. The Daily Expose investigation discovered that all GP’s would pay £22.58 for each vaccine applied to children as an incentive. Google wants to hide this fact, and the NHS advises the vaccinators that they don’t need parental consent.

JCVI (Joint Committee on vaccination and Immunization) shared that they don’t recommend the Pfizer vaccine to children above 12. But, they state that more children would be eligible by extending the list of underlying conditions that place children in the vulnerable category.

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Of course, some celebrated because of this announcement! However, people celebrated because the injection won’t be applied to children in the UK. However, the celebration was terminated shortly after the information because the JCVI passed the buck to the UK’s CMO. It means that the nations’ fate lies in the hands of Professor Chris Whitty and his colleagues from Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.

The Government lettered CMO’s because of the JCVI’s instruction to review their decision with immediate effect. From this, we can see how desperate they are to give the shot to children.

The Health Secretary Sajid Javid instructed the NHS to be prepared for child vaccination. They were forcing the vaccination when the latest wave of COVID-19 infections consisted of vaccinated people, and from the dead population, 75% were vaccinated.

I guess the shot is increasing the risk of hospitalization and death!

Moreover, Scotland didn’t share any updates on this issue since June 2021, probably because of the unfavorable numbers. But, they did share data on the number of deaths that happened within 28 days of having COVID-19 vaccination.

The latest PHS COVID-19 statistics from September 1 provide the numbers that had occurred up to August 19.
Public Health Scotland shared the number of cases/hospitalization/ deaths in the vaccinated population. We have to mark that vaccinated people for those who received two doses of the shot less than 14 days prior to the infection, hospitalization, or death are regarded as only having one single dose. Those who got their vaccine and got infected with the virus within 14 days are classified as unvaccinated.

Below you can see the table of COVID-19 cases by week and their vaccination status.

The previous week’s data shows that 30,091 cases were confirmed in an unvaccinated population and 27,450 breakthrough cases.

In the table below, you can see that the hospitalizations by week and vaccination status, and we can see that 153 hospitalizations happened with unvaccinated population and 261 among the fully vaccinated population.

“That must be an anomaly?” we hear some you ask. “Surely if the Covid-19 injection reduced the risk of hospitalisation by 95%, then there should be less fully vaccinated people hospitalised with Covid-19 than unvaccinated people? Because there have been less fully vaccinated people infected with Covid-19 than unvaccinated people”.

If we summarize the numbers from the last month of hospitalization in the unvaccinated, we will reach the number 509, and in the vaccinated population, that number is 657.

We can conclude that the vaccinated people are at higher risk of hospitalizations and COVID-19 infected.

“Maybe they were hospitalised with something else and just tested positive?” we hear you ask. “Surely the majority of deaths have occurred among the unvaccinated population, considering the majority of cases are among the unvaccinated?”.

The Public Health Scotland shows the deaths by vaccination status using the start date of December 29, 2021.
Scotland has vaccinated its population with only one dose to 9% of the population, and 0.1% are fully vaccinated.

Because of it, a massive swathe of COVID-19 deaths occurred in the unvaccinated population due to a negligible amount of people were vaccinated at that time.

If we compare the weakly reported by PHS, we can see that the number of COVID-19 deaths by vaccinated status shows the deaths had occurred in the fully vaccinated population.

If we rewind moth to the report released by PHS on August 2, we will see that 3,052 happened among the vaccinated population, 270 deaths in the partly vaccinated, and 140 deaths among the fully vaccinated population.

Regarding the latest data, only 44 deaths happened among the unvaccinated category in the most month, and seven deaths occurred in the partly vaccinated population. But, 124 deaths happened to the fully vaccinated type.

We can see that with the vaccines, we are prone to hospitalizations and COVID-19 infections.

The Expose shared, “In the most recent four weeks, 0.1% of confirmed cases among the unvaccinated population have resulted in death, whilst 0.33% of confirmed cases among the fully vaccinated population have resulted in death. Therefore, according to Public Health Scotland’s own data, the risk of death if infected with Covid-19 is 3.3 times / 230% higher if fully vaccinated compared to being unvaccinated.

The data also shows that 6.5% of hospitalisations among the unvaccinated population have resulted in death, whilst 14% of hospitalisations among the fully vaccinated population have resulted in death. Therefore, the risk of death if hospitalised with Covid-19 is 2.15 times / 115% higher if fully vaccinated compared to being unvaccinated.”

If COVID-19 vaccines worked as they should, we could see only the weakest vaccinated people in the hospitals, who without the vaccine would have immediately died. But we aren’t witnessing this scenario!

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