Google Believed Hunter Was A JOKE! Ex-Google Exec Spoke About Embarrassing Biden Meeting!

One Google Executive shared that he heard a pitch to the company from Hunter Biden dismissed him as ‘’riding daddy’s coat tails.’’

A New York Post reports that in 2011, Hunter made pitches to Google to invest in some businesses he operated in China.

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The meeting was supposed to happen with the Obama administration when Biden was the vice president, and it was questioned whether to pursue antitrust action against Google. They decided not to fight the tech giant.

Kenneth Davies, part of the philanthropic and venture capital divisions, said Hunter came to them with a barrel of ventures.

“He was pitching some crazy things like some Chinese stuff. … We kind of looked at it, and I kind of scoffed at it,” Davies said.

Davies stated that Hunter counted on his name, not the knowledge.

“He certainly did not know what he was talking about as it relates to energy. It was very much ‘I am Hunter Biden — look at the last name. Rosemont Seneca. We are brokering deals.’ e certainly did not have subject matter expertise about what he was trying to pitch,” he said.

Davies stated that he couldn’t remember particular pitches made by Hunter Biden during the 2011 meeting.

“My overall impression [was] this guy has clearly just been riding daddy’s coat tails, and I have better things to do with my time,” Davies said.

Google issued a statement, “These are mostly long-departed employees, and we have no record of any such investments.’’

The Post report stated that a hard drive from the laptop computer once owned by Hunter Biden had many Google executives mentioned in it.

Megan Smith, the vice president of New Business Development, was described by the Post as being ‘’chummy’’ with Hunter.

Smith donated over $75,000 to the Democratic Party. The report emphasized that Hunter’s computer lists as contacts government figures, including former Secretary of State John Kerry and Ambassador to China Max Baucus.

The Post got Kerry’s answering machine when they called the number listed on the laptop, but the Post couldn’t reach Baucus.

“Once again, this raises questions about the extent to which Hunter Biden used his father’s name for personal gain. Why does Hunter have these contacts? Did he ever meet or contact these individuals in their official capacity? And if so, how did those contacts benefit Hunter, his father, and Biden Inc.?” Republican Sen. Ron Johnson said.

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