GLOBAL SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM: Financial Expert Criticizes Vaccine Passports, Explaining Why They’re Targeting Children!

Melissa Ciummei is a financial investor from Northern Ireland. She explained that vaccine passports, also called ‘health passes’, serve no purpose in promoting health, but are instead ‘a tool for control’.

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Further down her statement, she warned that ‘children are targeted for the purpose of indoctrination for the future.’

“A digital ID is necessary to bring in central bank digital currency (CBDC) for totalitarian control, and vaccine passports are necessary to bring in digital ID. Vaccine passports will also combine social credits and carbon credits. China has already instituted CBDC.”

According to her statement, “Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be regulated out of existence, simply by taxing it at 90%.”

“There is no going back to the old system; blockchain is the future. The IRS now requires taxpayers to declare whether they received, sold, sent, exchanged, or acquired cryptocurrency, and failure to disclose transactions is a felony! Ciummei warned that the economy is failing and we only have a short time to prepare. She explained that we are at war and mass non-compliance by the people is needed.”

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