Glenn: The Biggest Danger Is In Front Of Our Noses, And We Can’t See It

It is petrifying!!!

Glenn Beck is warning us!

At the moment, he is concentrated on the corruption in Washington DC, revealing our country’s biggest threat!
It is much more terrifying than ‘’China/Deep State/ Dems.’’

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What you will read here isn’t a conversation that you can expect from politicians. It is too scary, and they are frightened to death or own by the tremendous sum of money.

What Glenn says, many people would say, is a conspiracy theory, and you will hear that only from the lefties. Now, everything that lefties disagree with is a conspiracy theory!

But, I think that that is not true.

What Glen states is something worth listening to!

He believes America’s financial system is weaponized by ‘’climate change’’. The aim is to enact the ‘’Great Reset’’ and include an oligarchy.

See below:


Two weeks ago, Glenn Beck exposed how the financial system was being weaponized, in the name of climate change, to enact the Great Reset and usher in an oligarchy. And just this week, a former BlackRock executive— who is a true believer — spoke out in frustration, saying this is all just “a distraction from the problem of climate change” and it’s being done for money and power.

In this video clip from the full episode, which you can find here, Glenn broke down how the green global elites are now planning, not only to categorize you based on your skin color, religion, occupation, ideology, and carbon footprint, but to give you an environmental, social, and governance (ESG) score. Your score will determine everything for you: Whether you can buy a home, get a new car, open a business … everything.”

OMG! Is it terrible right?

To be honest, it is like a movie scent, and I am frightened that precisely this could become America’s destiny and reality!

Wayne Dupree

Addison Wilson

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