Glenn Beck Has Finally Figured Out What’s Really Going On With Ukraine/Russia “War”

Have you had a strange vibe about the Russia/Ukraine war? Something that seems or feels slightly off about the whole thing?

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There’s also someone else who’s also feeling that way — Glenn Beck

And he’s digging into the details, and he says some stuff just isn’t adding up.

According to The Blaze,

“Glenn says something regarding Russia’s invasion into Ukraine — and the way the west responded to it — it hasn’t made sense to Glenn Beck since the chaos all began.

Glenn has been carefully combing through the details of the struggle between Russia and Ukraine: Which countries have backed Russian President Putin, new ways the world is standing against Russia, and what Ukrainian politicians predict may be coming next. But some of the so-called “facts” just “don’t make sense,” he observed. For example, why didn’t Putin immediately destroy internet access in Ukraine to confuse both citizens and its military? And why did world leaders wait several days before enacting SWIFT sanctions?

But fear not, Glenn is starting to piece things together and it all centers around this massive and formidable “western coalition,” including banks, and corporations.”

Glenn believes this is all about the Great Reset… and that makes sense, Glenn has always said banking is at the very center of the “re-set.”

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