“Get up! You’ve Been Indoctrinated! They are attempting to assassinate you!” Epic Must See Video of Lin Wood’s Deep State Beat Down!

Lin Wood oozes UTTER TRUTHS and UNAPOLOGETIC PATRIOTISM from every pore of his body, not to mention his unwavering appeals for FAITH & TRUST in God Almighty – but until you see THIS video, YOU’LL NEVER KNOW WHAT A TRUE BEAT DOWN IS! Lin Wood is adamant that THE ENTIRE WORLD IS BEING BRAINWASHED, and that the Luciferian Elite WANT TO KILL US ALL! Lin’s SCATHING RANT, in which he CALLS ALL THE DEMONS OUT on the LIES, DECEPTION, AND MANIPULATION currently being spewed forth by these Godless Beasts: the Demonically-Crazed Democrats, the Removed-From-God RINOs, and the Deep State Globalists (all one in the same)!

The fact is that these SATANIC SAVAGES have attempted to SUBVERT THE WILL OF WE THE PEOPLE with the KILLER JAB, the CRIPPLING LOCKDOWNS, and the DEADLY DECEPTIONS they find so simple to SPEW into the faces of God-Fearing, Country-Loving Patriots all over the world, and with seemingly greater FORCE! Lin Wood TEARS INTO THE DEMONS WITH TRUTHS IN THIS EPIC VIDEO, MAKING A CLEAR STAND TO SUPPORT POTUS TRUMP, THE UNITED STATES, AND THE REST OF THE WORLD — AND TAKE A STAND FOR FREEDOM! As you view this AMAZING video, your heart will SOAR! Patriots, don’t be worried; God has a plan, and the TRUTH will triumph! Let’s go down this VIRAL MIND-BLOWING RABBIT HOLDER, shall we?

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Margaret Taylor

Experienced communications professional with 10 years of experience in international journalism.

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