German Health Minister: Tyrannical C-19 Restrictions For Unvaccinated Are Based On ‘’Software Error!’

Unvaccinated people have been terrorized for months, and German Health Minister Karl Lauterback raised his voice and blamed his earlier statements of a pandemic of the unvaccinated on a software error.

In November 2021, reports circled about the increase in incident numbers in Hamburg. The claim was dews days, and the rate for C-19 grew from 111.6 people per 100K to 160 per 100K. November progressed, and the numbers increased to 209.2 cases per 100K people, and at the end of the month, it increased to 223.3 cases per 100K.

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The high figures which have been revealed to be manufactured were used as an excuse t legitimize the covid restrictions called 2G.

The restrictions involved the vaccinated and recovered population to enter the shops, eat at restaurants and go to clubs. The unvaccinated were told that they have to avoid any kind of social contact and keep a distance from the vaccinated.

Hamburg Mayor Peter Tscgentscher was the one who initiated the hysteria when he said only the vaccines could take out Germany from the nightmare.

An investigation by the newspaper Sueddeutscher Zeitung and Welt realized that the spike in cases promoted by Lauterbach and Tschentscher was fake.

Hamburg’s social services departments invented the numbers to create the illusion of another wave among the unvaccinated. However, it didn’t stop them from classifying those with unknown status as unvaccinated.

Hamburg Mayor, in a press conference, stated that 90% of new C-19 infections were among the unvaccinated. He continued with this lie.

It was revealed that the methods used to calculate these numbers were used across the entire Germany.
They didn’t want to share that it was the vaccinated population who suffered the worst C-19 infection.

“With the situation in Hamburg … I can claim without a doubt that the problem was in the automatic classifier of the software,” added Lauterbach, also trying to save face.

“The problem is solved now … and it was a mistake and was not done on purpose in order to largely blame the unvaccinated for the pandemic.”

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