German Government Data Show Fully Vaccinated Will Develop Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome Until The End Of January 2022!

German Government Data for Omicron C-19 variant shows that fully vaccinated will have full-blown C-19 vaccine-induced AIDS by the end of January 2022. The vaccinated have damaged immune system to an average of minus 87%.

The Robert Koch Institute produces the German Government C-19 numbers! You can check the data here.

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This is the weekly C-19 management report from December 30, 2021.


This is the translation:

“Additional information is known to some extent for the Omikron cases in the reporting system. for 6,788 cases were provided with information on the symptoms, mostly none or mild symptoms indicated. It was most common by patients with symptoms
Runny nose (54%), cough (57%) and sore throat (39%) mentioned. 124 patients were hospitalized, four people died. Exposure abroad was reported for 543 (5%) cases. 186 patients were unvaccinated, 4,020 were fully vaccinated, of these, a booster vaccination was reported for 1,137. On the basis of the transmitted data 148 reinfections were found among all transmitted Omicron infections, none of them Previous illnesses were reported to the person affected by reinfection. Figure 9 shows the distribution of the Omikron cases reported so far in Germany. Omicron cases have been detected in all federal states.”

  • 186 unvaccinated cases
  • 2,883 double vaccinated cases
  • 1,137 triple vaccinated cases
  • 4,020 fully vaccinated cases

In Germany, 70.53% are fully vaccinated, 2.97% are partially vaccinated, and 26.5% are unvaccinated.

The vaccinated Omicron case incidence is 57% of the population, and the unvaccinated Omicron case incidence is 7.02% of the population.

The vaccinated are 8.12x more likely to be infected with Omicron than the unvaccinated in Germany.

The Koch institute couldn’t produce the normal vaccine effectiveness table in its December 30 weekly report. This is because of the holidays or may have been because the table would be terrible for the vaccines.

Vaccine effectiveness = immune system effectiveness = (1-8.12)/8.12 = -7.12/8.12 = -87.7%.

The vaccinated have an 87.7% lower immune response than the unvaccinated have to Omicron.
This is the prediction from UKHSA Vaccine Surveillance Report data from Weeks 35-42 that we shared on October 10.

‘’ So Germany, at 87.7% immune system degradation, has done 6.7% worse than our model which predicted, an 81.0% degradation this year (for over 18s based on two doses of the anti-vaccine rather than 3).’’ The expose was reported.

Check this out:

The numbers show that if you have C-19 and got three doses of the shots, and you are 4.45x more likely to get infected.

We have the German Government figures for Omicron, and they show that the vaccinated are 8.12x more likely to have an Omicron Infection than the unvaccinated.

The figures show that the unvaccinated are 8x safer from Omicron in a room or a restaurant.

See this table:

The vaccinated fare is so badly against Omicron because vaccine-induced antibodies against the Wuhan Alpha spike protein are useless against Omicron. The underlying progressive immune system damage wrought by incessant spike protein production has nothing to hide behind.


We see these numbers for a much closer estimate of how much damage has been done to vaccinated people than we could see with data figures for cases in the vaccinated and unvaccinated.

The UK has 69.45% fully vaccinated, 6.41% vaccinated with one dose, and 24.14% unvaccinated. We can see that Germans have slightly more vaccination victims.

Until the end of January, the fully vaccinated people in both countries older than 30 will have full-blown vaccine-mediated AIDS.

We have these figures from the tireless industry and efficiency of the Germans.

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