Geraldo Rivera With An Apology For The Unvaxed After He Gets COVID

Biden’s stories are nothing but big fat lies.

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And don’t forget, Joe Biden also went on CNN and told the world that if you take the vaccine, you will NOT catch COVID.

The hilarious turnaround:

Now, the new marketing phase has started: The vax will make your COVID case “mild.”

Spoiler Alert: Most cases of COVID are mild, regardless of your vax status. That’s why it has a nearly 100% survival rate.

On that subject, look what this vaccinated ATHLETE just said about his experience with COVID.

And what’s mostly satisfying for me to this point is the fact that even pro-vaxxers are becoming aware and apologizing to the nation.

It’s commonly called “eating humble pie.”

“Geraldo Rivera, who has spewed a lot of hate and vitriol at the unvaccinated, is now ready to apologize after he tested positive for COVID even though he’s TRIPLE vaxxed.”

Dem’s plan is failing.

And the fact that many censored videos and accounts have became even more popular after being censored speaks further about the Americans seeing through the Dems actions.

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