Georgia Judge Unseals Absentee Ballots In Fulton County For Review!

On Friday, a judge in Florida ordered to unseal absentee ballots given in the 2020 presidential election.

Petitioners can go to Fulton County, where the ballots are kept. Henry County Superior Court Judge Brian Amero announced that he wants to rule an order that will set protocols ordering a new scanning of the ballots, which county workers will perform while the petitioner and their experts will observe.

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Last year voters filed a petition seeking a forensic audit of mail-in ballots included in the 2020 election. The petitioners said that there was an abnormal vote increase for Dems candidate Joe Biden. Also, that there was an abnormal reduction in Trump’s tabulation.

In March, Amero allowed the petitioners to scan images of the ballots, but the lawyers for the petitioners in court argued that the resolution of 200 dots for an inch didn’t allow proper analysis.

The petitioners required the images to be at +600 DPI and their access to the ballots.

David Sawyer is a forensics expert, and he testified for the petitioners. In his testimony, he shared a discrepancy in the number of batches received by petitioners, and the number Georgia Secretary of State Raffensperger’s office gave due to his examination in a risk-limiting audit.

Direct access to the ballots would be the best option because ‘’ that’s the actual evidence, and that’s the best evidence.”

Attorneys for Fulton County and Georgia Attorney General Chris Carr announced that letting the petitioners investigate the ballots without the county workers represents violating federal law. Also, ‘’citizen audit’’ wasn’t provided for in state law.

If the judge permits an audit, he must select the auditors or let the parties reach an agreement where firms would do the audit.

“I have no inclination at all to release these ballots to anyone other than the clerk or the county,” Amero said.

However, he pushed back on the notion that petitioners couldn’t get better ballot scans or visually examine them.

“That seems to be something that they have the authority and the right to do,” he added. “I have never seen in this case a motion to dismiss from anyone for any reason, and in the absence of considering things in that way, then this does take the form of a civil case where there is some discovery.”

On May 28, the parties are meeting at the Fulton County ballot storage.

Raffensperger emailed The Epoch Rimes: “From day one, I have encouraged Georgians with concerns about the election in their counties to pursue those claims through legal avenues. Fulton County has a long-standing history of election mismanagement that has understandably weakened voters’ faith in its system. Allowing this audit provides another layer of transparency and citizen engagement.”

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