George Floyd’s Girlfriend Connects Him To Drug Dealer Before Arrest, Popping Pills Involved

George Floyd’s girlfriend admitted that the other passenger in the car with her and Floyd was their drug dealer, and that she had taken drugs with him that she thought would kill her.

On Thursday, Courtney Ross testified in the trial of Derek Chauvin, who is accused of murdering George Floyd, a black man who died during an arrest in Minneapolis last summer, sparking national “Black Lives Matter” riots and demonstrations.

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Floyd was investigated for allegedly passing off a bogus $20 bill while trying to buy cigarettes from a corner store, according to National File:

Floyd spent 20 to 30 minutes in a Mercedes Benz car with his friends before the cops arrived. “Mr Floyd took what were believed to be two percocet pills when they were in the car,” Nelson [Chauvin’s lead defense attorney] said in his statement, disclosing that his friends would later testify that “Mr Floyd fell asleep in the car, and that they couldn’t wake him up.” “Mr Floyd put drugs in his mouth in an attempt to hide them,” Nelson said when approached by cops.

At the time, Ross was one of Floyd’s mates in the Mercedes Benz. Ross, who used to be Floyd’s sister, revealed the name of the other passenger as Mr. Morries Hall, disclosing that he was their drug dealer when questioned by Nelson. “And this is the same guy you and Mr. Floyd bought controlled drugs from before?” Nelson inquired, to which Ross answered affirmatively.

Hall, 42, had previously claimed in interviews shortly after Floyd’s death that he was “going to be his voice,” but on Wednesday evening, he filed a surprise motion demanding that he not be called to testify in the case, arguing that if he was, he would invoke the Fifth Amendment.

Ross testified in the trial that she took some drugs in March that kept her up and didn’t feel like normal pain pills, and that a week before Floyd’s death, they got some more pills that made her feel the same way. According to Nelson, when Ross was interviewed by the FBI, she claimed that taking those pills made her feel like she was going to die.

Following this testimony, Ross disclosed that Floyd’s pet name for her was “Mama,” and that he had her saved in his phone under that name. Floyd can be heard crying out for “Mama” in the notorious video of his arrest that went viral after his death became public – media speculation at the time suggested he was calling out for his late mother, but this new discovery indicates Ross was the object of Floyd’s attention instead.



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