General Flynn Gives Out a Warning: ‘Revisit The Original Plan’

Given the destruction of our God-given fundamental ideals and principles upon which we were created, James Madison, praised as the father of our Constitution, is probably turning over in his grave.

Since concentrating power leads to tyranny, Madison understood that splitting government power was critical to the protection of liberty. He will never be accused of being blind to the dangers that government poses to the people.

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Madison and his colleagues set out to create a government that would restrict abuses and stand the test of time. America is now being put to the test, and the key question is: Will we pass the test, or will we sink into the abyss?

Madison argued for separating federal authority among the three branches of our government — legislative, executive, and judicial — along with other framers of our nation’s Constitution. These should be learned and understood by every American schoolchild from an early age, but they are not, to the detriment of our country and our children.

What’s more, it’s unclear why the Founders chose a system that they knew would lead to divisions among the branches. In fact, the constitutional framework was created to obstruct the exercise of raw governmental power and preserve people’s liberty, not to improve government performance.

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As those who are seeking reforms increasingly argue, separation of powers is not a weakness in our form of government. It was created to defend our free republic from the dictatorship of a few — tyranny that is currently knocking on America’s gates.

Compare and contrast the original design chosen by our framers with President Biden’s intemperate remarks, in which he demands Congress bow to his will on issues including gun control, threatening to usurp Congress’s position by signing executive orders.

Consider the ramifications of the Democrats’ ominous threat to pack the Supreme Court if it does not cave in to President Biden’s expansive executive authority statements, which violate the separation of powers. Explain why 20 of our 50 Republican senators voted to confirm Merrick Garland as attorney general, under whose watch the Department of Justice raided the law office and apartment of President Trump’s former lawyer, Rudy Giuliani, in the early hours of the morning.

Americans must now reconsider the original strategy, just three months into the Biden administration, to fully understand how disruptive these recent changes are.

Madison wrote Federalist No. 51 in 1788 in an attempt to convince the citizens of New York to ratify the Constitution. He justified the division of federal power among three divisions by “contriving the interior structure of the government” so that “its several constituent parts can, by their reciprocal ties, be the means of holding each other in their proper places.”

Overall, having three branches of government provides checks and balances to prevent an out-of-control government from gaining too much influence.

Madison’s proposals were deliberate in order to pick people for each branch of government in a way that would discourage one branch from dominating the other.

Our Constitution was written so that each division could function independently from the others within its own sphere.

It was also built in such a way that each branch would have “the constitutional means and personal motivations to resist encroachments by the others.”

Madison wrote, “Ambition must be rendered to counteract ambition.” Despite the fact that we now have seriously ambitious politicians “serving” who are hungry for even more money, the Democrats in Congress have so far embraced the far-left Biden/Harris/AOC agenda lock, stock, and barrel.


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