Gen Flynn Battled A Big Win! His Family Can Sue CNN!!!

CNN will have to write another check because they didn’t do their homework. Now, the lucky persons are relatives of General Michael Flynn, former Trump national security advisor. CNN labeled them as followers of the QAnon conspiracy theory.

CNN had to write an extensive check to Nicholas Sandman last year, once he falsely claimed that he had confronted and sought to belittle one Native American in a Wisconsin protest.

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It was that man who had approached and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the teenager.

Sandman wore a ‘’Make America Great Again’’ hat, so the establishment media read what it wanted to see. Later the video of the incident emerged. The CNN, the Washington Post, and other left-wing outlets had to backtrack.

This Thursday, the federal judge allowed a case from John Flynn and his sister-in-law Leslie Flynn to sue CNN.

“The report included a brief clip of Lieutenant General Michael Flynn proclaiming, ‘where we go one, we go all.’

Plaintiffs John P. (‘Jack’) and Leslie A. Flynn … are shown in the clip standing next to General Flynn,” wrote Woods, the appointee of Barack Obama.

Jack and Leslie Flynn stated that they weren’t QAnon followers. Now, they ask for $75 million in damages, saying that CNN’s report defamed them and presented them in a false light.

Politico defined QAnon as a “popular online conspiracy theory that claimed elites were sexually abusing children and that former President Donald Trump was planning to declare a national emergency to strike back at the shadowy figures engaged in the abuse.”

CNN attempted to dismiss the suit, sharing tweets by Jack that were consistent with the beliefs of QAnon followers.

The Flynns stated that Jack’s tweets told that he “embraced the Constitution and equal justice under the law . . . not the dangerous, extremist, racist, anti-Semitic and violent beliefs espoused by QAnon” and that he has “denied basic tenets of the QAnon movement.”

Also, the network had “no independent evidence to corroborate that [they] were followers or supporters of QAnon.” They added.

Woods dismissed the defamation claims because the law asked them to list specific monetary losses that resulted from CNN’s narration. But, the judge allowed the false light claim to continue.

The ruling shows that Flynns have to show that “[t]here has been some publication of a false or fictitious fact which implies an association which does not exist; [and] [t]he association which has been published or implied would be objectionable to the ordinary reasonable man under the circumstances.”

“Whether the Flynns were QAnon followers, and in particular, whether the Flynns were ‘followers’ as that word is understood in the context of CNN’s publication, is a highly fact-intensive inquiry,” Woods wrote.

Woods added that Jack’s tweets “do not conclusively contradict [the Flynns’] factual allegations.”

“These allegations, which the Court must accept as true, are sufficient to plausibly allege that CNN did not have reasonable grounds to believe that the Flynns were QAnon followers,” he added.

Flynns can amend their defamation claim if they want the court to reconsider this issue.

Politico emphasized that Woods “did not discuss whether Jack and Leslie Flynn should be considered public or private figure.”

The detail was crucial in Sandmann’s event because he’s a private citizen. His attorneys barely had to prove negligence on the part of CNN to win in court.

The establishment media has to continue to be held to account for fake news and false reporting. Maybe Flynn will teach them a lesson!

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