Gates Wants The US To Reject Govt Regulators For COVID Favoring Big Pharma Vaccine Developers!

One year has passed since Bill Gates begged the Americans to reject government regulators and accept the private-sector vaccine developers. The billionaire philanthropist, who profits from the big pharma companies, doubted that the FDA and CDC could be trusted on the C-19 shots.

After one year, now, we can see that the US and the UK governments ignore the advice of their health officials and regulators.

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In the UK, the government’s advisers, the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation JCVI, stated that it had been decided not to recommend vaccination for healthy 12-15 children.

After the political and media pressure to approve the jab, Whitty moved on and authorized the vaccine for British teens. Whitty justified the decision by saying that the benefits overweighted the side effects.

In the US, top health officials recommended the WH to delay plans to administer the vaccine booster to the Americans. Two top FDA executives resigned in September amid a reported power struggle with the WH due to the booster shots.

RT Helen Buyniski reported: ‘’Like much of the advice Gates has spouted during the Covid-19 pandemic, his dismissal of the regulators was self-serving and unsupported by medical expertise or evidence. Worse, it was reported uncritically by the media establishment, many of whom neglected to disclose the money they receive from the Gates Foundation alongside their fawning coverage of its founder.’’

As a significant investor in the pharmaceutical sector, Gates will earn trillions if one of his jabs wins. However, he didn’t hide his intention to vaccinate the entire population, a mind-bogglingly expensive project that would be paid for by the same hapless governments that were bullied into assuming all the liability for the rushed jab’s side effects.

The US and other countries are already signing multiple high-dollar agreements for hitherto-untested vaccines. The only obstacle for the payday are the regulators, which are defanged and domesticated by a muscular pharmaceutical lobby, and they still ask for some fundamental safety requirements to be met to roll out a new shot.

Once a patient in AstraZeneca’s vaccine trial experienced severe spinal cord damage, the FDA raised concerns about resuming the trial. Every single regulatory roadblock is more money Gates has to shell out to recoup his investment.

The last rush-developed vaccine rolled out, Pandemrix left hundreds of children ill, brain-damaged and cost the UK government millions in restitution payments.

Gates could be forgiven for his ignorance of the Pandemrix saga, and he’s the Microsoft founder, not a doctor. Bill didn’t graduate from college, and let alone attended medical school. However, it is very easy to notice conflicts of interest.

A population locked down for an extended period is unacceptable, and mandating the vaccine for freedom regaining is out of a healthy mind!

A low-cost treatment for C-19, hydroxychloroquine, is administered alongside zinc, and an antibiotic would solve the entire problem and stop the vaccination agenda. According to some so-called conspiracy theorists, Gate’s real motivations hint: the man who wants to surveil the entire surface of the earth from space and talks about digital “certificates” to show who’s had Covid-19 or been vaccinated is probably not doing this out of love for humanity, clears the reason why he wants them silenced,

The conflict of interest in most of his public statements is evident, and they don’t bear mentioning.
The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gives millions of dollars annually so that the news outlets to inform and engage communities and the English-language media are on their list of grantees.

‘’ In addition to titles like the Guardian, Financial Times, National Public Radio, and NBCUniversal, the very entities supposedly tasked with guarding journalistic integrity are in Gates’ pocket.’’ Reported Newspunch.

Poynter Institute, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, the Center for Investigative Reporting, and the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting took advantage of the vaccine magnate’s largesse.

Gates Foundation denied the donations pay for loyalty. One report by the Columbia Journalism Review exposed that Gates had bought the most trusted names in the news.

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