Game Changing Study: COVID Vaccines Are More Dangerous Than Virus Itself

a top cardiologist and prominent physician, world-famous for his warnings on the COVID jab, Dr Peter McCuloough once again stepped out with new facts and warnings to change your mind and turn your back to the government’s advice.

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According to recent statistics, “teenagers — especially boys — are more at risk from being hospitalized from the vaccine than they are for COVID, he said. The culprit is myocarditis, inflammation of the heart.”

Published more than 650 times in medical journals, editor of a cardiology journal, author of a cardiology textbook, as well as being an internist and qualified in public health, McCullough is critical of government response to the COVID pandemic.

“I chaired data safety monitoring boards … a couple of dozen times — I know what I’m talking about,” McCullough said.

“I’ve shut down, with my committees, big pharma programs … I mean, huge pharma programs.”

But things were handled very differently for the COVID vaccines. Different stakes were in their hands.

That’s why McCullough called FDA actions “reprehensible and reckless.”

“Under normal circumstances, when officials learned on January 22 of this year that there had already been 182 deaths following 278 million shots, the vaccine program would have been halted,” McCulloch said recently on the DarkHorse podcast of scientist Bret Weinstein.

“Our COVID vaccine program would have been shut down in February for excess mortality in America,” he said.

“We now know it’s the seniors who die with the vaccine … 50 % of these deaths occur within 48 hours, 80 % within a week,” he said.

McCullough said the shutdown should have been similar to the 1976 suspension of nationwide voluntary vaccination for the swine flu following only three deaths and 94 cases of paralysis due to those shots.

“There are nursing home studies from Europe and Scandinavia. They show — when they actually review the charts there in the seniors — at least 40 %, the doctors have concluded, are directly due to the vaccines.” “But they are clearly biologically related to the vaccines,” he said.

But, what the latest data presented shows is that young children are at a high risk of heart inflammation too!

“Then there are the side effects. Even the Food and Drug Administration agrees there is a link between myocarditis and the shots. “It was in younger children — it was serious! Ninety %required hospitalization,” McCullough said.

“The myocarditis cases affect boys more than girls and “the real rate of myocarditis is at least 50 % greater than what the CDC ever projected,” McCullough said, adding that children age 12 to 17 are more likely to be hospitalized for myocarditis than for COVID.

When Weinstein noted the vaccine mandates, the bullying, the stigmatizing of the unvaccinated, the demise of civil liberties and general ignorance of myocarditis, McCullough responded that, in general, people are willing to do what it is takes to stop COVID.

“But people aren’t willing to sacrifice their life for this.”

Spread the word, the facts, and the truth!

save a life – and it just might be an innocent children’s one!

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