GA House Speaker Did What We Were All Waiting For!

Fulton County is the center of the hell for the Dems now!!!

The day has finally come, and GA will address the controversial 2020 election results with an investigation.

It isn’t pathetic nor half-hearted investigations! It’s a forensic audit that will show the real fraudulent actions that occurred during the election in November 2020.

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Western Journal reported that GA House Speaker David Ralston demanded to find what went down in Fulton County in the election!

Just the News reported that Ralston asked for an investigation to “determine if any irregularities or willful fraud occurred” in Fulton County.

It isn’t a secret that Fulton, besides Atlanta, houses a significant portion of the State’s Dems voters. It represents one of the blue islands in the sea of red every season. So, the voters don’t adore Donald Trump!

Fulton County’s implicit liberal bias forces us to think it is linked with the state’s blue mirage!

On Thursday, Ralston sent a letter to Fulton County Election Director Richard Barron and called the GA Bureau of Investigation to see all the fraud possibilities in Fulton County.

“Recently, media reports have surfaced which call into question how Fulton County conducted, counted and audited the November 2020 Presidential Election,” he wrote in the letter.

“These reports have been accompanied by video and other evidence which is part of ongoing litigation and requires thorough examination and explanation,” the letter continued.

“Given the seriousness of this situation and the possible repercussions for our state and nation, it is time we have an independent investigation — once and for all — of the way in which Fulton County conducted, counted, and audited the November 2020 Presidential Election.”

The speaker continued saying that this kind of move would restore Americans’ hope and belief in free, fair, and transparent elections.

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