Furious Mother: Her Son,13, Was Vaccinated Without Her Consent At Obama Global Prep Academy In LA! The School Bribed Him With Pizza!

One California mother was shocked to discover that her son was vaccinated against C-19 without her consent.

This Tuesday, Maribel Duarte spoke to NBC 4 News and said that her son brought a vaccine card after school officials had offered him pizza at the Barack Obama Global Prep Academy in LA.

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The shock immediately was turned to outrage when he told that school officials told him to remain silent.
NBC reported:

“I should have been involved.

The lady that gave him the shot and signed the paper was the one that told my son’; please do not say anything, I don’t want to get in trouble.'”

Duarte said that the school didn’t make the right step, and that’s very concerning!

“He has problems with asthma and allergy problems.”

It is a decision that the mother would have to make. But, the school decided on its own. It was unethically coaxed her son into taking the shot without her consent.

Jennifer Kennedy is the attorney who follows this vaccine mandate case against the LA school district. According to the lawyer, the school is wrong because the children can’t consent to vaccination on their own.

Kennedy talked to NBC:

The LAUSD does not have the power to add a vaccine to the California school schedule.

You couldn’t do it if you were a podunk school district and you can’t do it if you’re the LAUSD, the second-largest district in the nation. You don’t have the legal authority.”

The LAUSD mandated that all students in the age of 12 have to get vaccinated by January 10. School officials didn’t want to comment about this incident, citing privacy for the students. But, the spokesperson told NBC that the vaccine propaganda program “safe schools to safe steps” offers the students prizes in exchange for their vaccination.

The school officials can’t justify the vaccination process of students! It’s sick!


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