Furious Mom Responds To Schools Teaching Children About Anal Sex!

A safe dose of sex education is always welcomed. But anal sex and other shapes of twisted advanced sexual education are too much.

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What happened to old-school values?!

What happened to innocent teenage kisses and holding hands?!

Blowjobs are safe?! Anal sex can’t get you pregnant?1

can you imagine what kind of images and ideas this creates in the young kid’s brains, not fully capable to understand since they’re not fully sexually mature?

This furious mother from Bloomington, Illinois, said it all, commenting on the bill that was passed by the Illinois legislature in May and awaiting Gov. J.B. Pritzker’s signature.

According to a website called Cities929,

“The bill was called SB0818, and it mandates that schools that teach sex education must use the National Sex Education Standards. Becky Swan, who is a both parent and a graduate of School District 87 in Illinois, which covers the Bloomington Public Schools, spoke out about the bill at a District 87 school board meeting Wednesday.”

“This is an unfunded mandate that destroys local control over curriculum,” she said in a video posted to the Cities 92.9 Facebook page. “It sexually grooms young children by introducing sensitive and inappropriate topics.”

“Swan went on to explain some of the specific topics that children aged kindergarten to second grade would need to identify under NSES. They include defining gender identity and stereotypes, as well as listing medically accurate names for genitals.

The fact that children as young as 5 would be taught about gender stereotypes and genitals is jarring enough, especially considering that these are discussions parents should be having with their children, not schools. In addition, these young children would be forced to “explain the differences between cisgender, transgender, gender non-binary, gender-expansive, and gender identity,” she said. Remember, these children would be between the ages of about 8 and 11 years old, on average.”

Watch the awesomely and purely honest video here:

What an excellent point! If members of the school board are uncomfortable having such conversations with grown adults, how much more inappropriate would it be to teach those concepts to young children without the consent of their own parents?


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