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Funeral Director Whistleblower: Deaths Raise By 300% After The COVID Jabs Took Over!

“They are no better than murderers, some of these people. Some of the things they’ve done are unforgivable.”

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John O’Looney, the owner of Milton Keynes Family Funeral Services and a 15-year funeral director, presents a distressing story of how COVID-19 is being used as an excuse to administer poisonous COVID vaccines in order to physically lower the population. Despite the fact that we were warned on a daily basis that tens of thousands of people were dying of Covid, he claims that government figures show no rise in the overall death rate in 2020. In March and April 2020, there was a surge in deaths, which coincided with elderly patients being transferred from hospitals to care homes.

RAIR reported that “in the United States that the majority of deaths from Covid-19 came from assisted living facilities. There is suspicion that the deaths that came from assisted living facilities could have been prevented and potentially might have been deliberate.”

O’Looney noticed that there was not a massive influx of deaths during the first year of the pandemic. That potentially there were even fewer deaths the first year. The elderly who did die from the coronavirus appeared to have succumbed to a drug administered to them called Midazolam. O’Looney is not alone in his suspicion that the elderly might have died from the drug instead of the virus.

“I’ve never seen a death rate like it in 15 years. Initially, the deaths were all exclusively care homes. I’ve got a 32-year-old, a 33-year-old, and a 28-year-old in my care at the moment. They’re all jab recipients, and they all died unexpectedly and suddenly,” – John O’Looney


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