Fully Vaccinated With Higher Infection Rates Than Unvaccinated! The Situation Is Worsening! Vaccine Passport Can’t Be Justified!

It’s official! The UK vaccinated population has higher rates of infection than the unvaccinated, and the situation is worsening. The UK’s Heath Security Agency shared the detailed C-19 statistics for the last seven days. The Agency says that the vaccinated population suffers substantially higher rates of infection.

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The UK’s from 30 and older, vaccinated, have higher infection rates than their unvaccinated counterparts. From this, we cannot conclude how the situation may develop. The UK vaccinated the population in age order, starting from the oldest, ending with the youngest. Recently they vaccinated the population under 18.

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The vaccinated cohort benefits from a 90% improvement in the infection rates, which means that the incidence case is 10 % better than the unvaccinated counterparts. How long will this protection last?

The previous UK age group to be vaccinated was the 19-29-year-old cohort, and a half was fully vaccinated nine weeks ago. The vaccinated population goes better than the unvaccinated of their age, and they have lost the more significant part of the relative resistance to infection. If this continues, by week 12, we will see that the benefit will be gone entirely.

Half of the vaccinated group at the age of 30-39 was fully vaccinated around week 27, and by week 39, the virus resistance was gone. It doesn’t stop here. The data shows that the vaccinated descend well into negative territory, prompting us to ask how the early vaccinated cohorts are now doing.

From 40-79 vaccinated cohort is negative, below -50%. It means that they suffer more than double the infection rate of their unvaccinated counterparts. However, there’s no evident end to this situation.

No one can guess what could happen next.

Does increased vulnerability cause the trend among the vaccinated population or improved resistance developing among the unvaccinated? See the answer below:

Unvaccinated adults have transparent lower infection rates.

These vaccination statistics make us wonder why the vaccinated suffer mounting infection rates. No one expected this.

However, for all but one adult cohort, the situation is opposite, but for how long?

It seems that the unvaccinated population has reached a robust natural immunity making them resistible to the virus.

Are we to understand infection after Vaccination may not produce similar broad immunity?

‘’Vaccination is intended to alter the subsequent immune response to infection, which is, of course, the whole point; It is conceivable this altered response may mute the development of broad long-lasting immunity that otherwise typically results from natural infection. That might then leave the vaccinated more open to re-infection and might help explain these results. But this remains speculation, and we simply do not know today.’’ The Expose reported.

‘’What we do know from the UK data is that anyone vaccinated more than a few months ago is at greatly higher risk of Covid infection and is therefore greatly more likely to be infected than their unvaccinated counterparts.

Much has been said and written to show the vaccinated are equally capable of transmitting Covid. But because their symptoms are often muted, they are also more likely to be out and about; add this to escalating infection rates, and there can be little doubt the vaccinated now constitute by far the most significant Covid transmission risk.’’ The report continued.

The Expose assets publishing Business Insider

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