Fully – “Vaccinated” Lane Kiffin Tests COVID-Positive

Which cost him missing the Ole Miss game.

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Cristopher Key is the founder of, and he’s on a mission – to fight medical tyranny. And he’s been on the road ever since that started, he’s been fired from his job because of this brave standing against the medical tyranny. But he has a purpose – he wants to save the children from the school board’s tyranny and the suffocation with the mandatory masks, that prevent oxygen to get to their lungs, brain, etc.

Learning in conditions with a heavily reduced amount of oxygen would be so hard and almost impossible for the students, don’t you think?

Not to mention the huge possibility of irregular development of their organs, which are still developing!!!

“While Key has been a “boots-on-the-ground” warrior, he has documented exchanges the “Vaccine Police” has had with pharmacists, doctors, school boards, county commissioners, pharmaceutical executives, and hospital administrators.

Key took to Telegram to expose that the first “fully-vaccinated” college football team is without a health coach after a COVID-positive head coach went down, despite being injected with the “top secret” contents of the Pfizer vial.”

Watch the video here:

Also according to the latest information, the newest “Wu Variant” is not deterred by the “vaccine”, and the rollout of the COVID-19 shots has documented unprecedented adverse events and death.

This is shocking!!!

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