Fresh From White House: How Staffers Deal With Joe’s Mental Issues Behind The Scenes

Joe is NOT in a good place – and his continuously falling poll results prove that.

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And Joe isn’t getting any better. As a matter of fact, it looks and sounds like his health and mental state are rapidly declining.

And this is probably the No.1 reason why Americans are losing trust and getting so angry – they see his mental state, and additionally – they see the mess he’s creating in our home politics, as well as on the international field. He’s a clown. And moreover – nobody from his staffers and administration isn’t moving a finger to change the situation.

If he’s even the real PResident and the guy pulling the strings, not only the guy whose signature is needed, can you imagine how hard it must be to deal with him? Explain things to him? Make him appear at events and remain on schedule?

Just imagine what he’s like behind the scenes at the White House, and how hard it is for the staff to treat the so-called “president” like a nursing home patient.

One conservative pundit wrote on Twitter about those immense struggles.

Here’s what Dr. Scott said: “Heard from a source who has family inside the Joe Biden White House. They said there are regular occurrences of Joe getting LOST inside the WH and staff having to show him where to go. The specific comment was, “It’s sad”. Where are the media demands for cognitive testing?”

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