French Drug Evaluation Center Gives Opinion On Covid Vaccines

The Centre Territorial d’Information Pharmaceutique d’Avis (CTIAP) concluded that none of the four vaccines used in France are either safe or reliable. They all obtained emergency use authorizations based on inadequate clinical evidence and requested that they be suspended immediately.

CTIAP, which is affiliated with the public hospital of Cholet in western France, recently released a study revealing that the vaccines used to combat CCP Viruses were not subjected to adequate clinical research. Furthermore, the active ingredients, their “excipients,” some of which are fresh, and the manufacturing methods are of poor quality.

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Dr. Catherine Frade, a renowned pharmacist who worked on public data from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) on injections from Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, and Janssen, leads the research team (Johnson & Johnson).

The report’s first warning is that all of these items have only temporary marketing authorizations (MA). Furthermore, they are all subject to additional research until 2024, rendering completion almost impossible considering the rapid distribution of vaccines.

In this regard, CTIAP cautions that all vaccines were sold and used in humans before they had undergone “quality testing of the active material and the finished product”: There are upcoming deadlines for all manufacturing laboratories to send their studies in this regard. Even if they acknowledged that much of the world’s population would have been vaccinated by the time they sent them.

While the study does not state that vaccines are harmful, it does state that existing information is insufficient to demonstrate their efficacy and/or protection.

The vaccines started to be produced and used in the midst of laboratory trials, implying that the results could change in the coming months.

The study draws a fascinating parallel between vaccine and car manufacturing. It asks if we think it’s possible to start a new car’s production line and sell it without first conducting quality tests on all of its parts and engine, including safety-related components like brakes and electrical systems.

The logical response is no, so why would we do it with vaccines, a drug designed to be specifically inoculated into the bodies of every human being on the planet?

“Prudence would also require that, in all countries where these COVID-19 (CCP Virus) vaccines have been marketed, all batches thus ‘released’ should be waded,” the report concludes.


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