Fred Weinberg Announces: In 2022 Comes Biden’s Destruction!

The journalists have numerous friends that read every column that we publish on the website. Precisely those people tell us if we are too soft on someone.

But, I cannot keep quiet about what they are doing to our President. He is like an animal that cannot defend itself.

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His staffers put the nicest clothes on him. They force him to go in front of a teleprompter and give him a text to read. It is bizarre. Those responsible for this abuse should be stopped.

Beware! All the words coming from Biden are written by a group including Kamala Harris, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, maybe a couple of other staffers responsible for writing books.

We can see his sons Hunter and Jim, living their best thanks to their last name around Joe. Biden’s crew ignored Trump when he ordered something they did like, and they must be imprisoned and charged with treason.

But, not all things are as they should be. So they are making fools of themselves. Entire America knows that they have affairs with each other’s, and they are using government phones to share messages with treasonous notes about Biden. According to the FBI, Lisa Page and Peter Strzok are one of them.

If we don’t know who they are, Biden doesn’t know either.

Don’t think that I want to say Biden is evil! He isn’t. I don’t want to give him so much credit. But, at this point, we don’t even know who Joe Biden is.

He is harming the US, and we know that this isn’t good for the country’s situation!

But, everything is going to come to an end.

The following year, in 2022, we have mid-term elections, and they will decide about gun control, criminal justice reform, and of course, the immigration problem.

The Dems can keep on trying to refuse the Second Amendment, and they can try to worsen the already terrible border situation, but we will stop that with the 2022 Mid-term elections.

Everything depends on how mad Trump’s voters get, and their number is more than 74,000,000! They can end the moronic statements of Harris, Pelosi, and Schumer.
If they are mad enough, the supporters can block Biden! A new GOP Congress can refuse all the nonsenses that Biden and his sycophants want to accomplish.

If they are fighting right, the Green New Deal will end. If those 74 million supporters don’t do anything, the Democrats will continue with their schedule and take the money. They are making themselves the most influential people and America the poorest country!

I believe in karma! Sooner or later, everyone will pay for their mistakes!

But, until that happens, how can we survive?

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Addison Wilson

A passionate teacher in English Language and Literature ready to give her best! Developing and implementing diverse curriculums covering a wide range of subjects. With my problem-solving skills, every job will be easily completed, so punctuation is my strength. Highly skilled at motivating students through positive encouragement and reinforcement of concepts via interactive classroom instruction and observation. My working style fits every personality type, so it makes me a great team player. I have completed numerous journalistic projects successfully, so digging for further information is my field. Fighter for freedom of speech! The truth must be revealed!

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