FRAUD: CDC Allow Hospitals To Share Vaccinated Dead Individuals As Unvaccinated Deaths!!!

The CDC decided to implement another rule regarding the classification of infectious disease and death. Hospitals and labs will follow these rules regarding the COVID-19 restrictions, deaths, and hospitalization. 

The rules inflate the number of C-19 cases in the unvaccinated and order the hospitals to classify dead vaccinated people as unvaccinated deaths. 

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It is medical fraud, and they aren’t showing us the real numbers. This way, we will only fool the people that the vaccines are working, and if you aren’t vaccinated, you will die—what nonsense. 

Suspicious CDC rules obfuscate hospital data, deceiving the nation

When one person is partly vaccinated, they are still regarded as unvaccinated for a few weeks since the shot. In case they get infected in the month following the shot, they will be registered as an unvaccinated case. In case the shot elicits disease symptoms, the sickness is regarded as a healthy immune reaction to the shot. 

Maybe there isn’t any other way to compare the vaccine injury with a hypothetical illness case; vaccinated people know that they have to accept this as a fact. ‘’ The vaccinated patient is told that these issues are much better than a potential covid infection.’’

After ¾ weeks, the vaccinated patient has to get his second dose. After getting the second shot, they have to wait another 2-3 weeks to be fully vaccinated. 

CDC’s covid testing fraud creates an illusion of outbreaks in the unvaccinated

The CDC shared different testing guidelines for vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals. The CDC will do everything in its power to promote the vaccines and to force more people to get them. 

Now, they forced the companies to mandate the vaccine as a condition for employment. So, people who don’t want to lose their job have to get the shot. 

Natural News reported: CDC guidance allows laboratories to use a cycle threshold (CT) of 40 or greater for the unvaccinated. The CDC recommends that laboratories use a CT of 28 or less for the vaccinated. This disparate testing guideline minimizes the risk of false positives for the vaccinated but continues to generate a pandemic of false positives in the unvaccinated, artificially raising the number of cases for the unvaccinated. 

Furthermore, the CDC forced the people to take falsely calibrated COVID tests, giving fake pandemic outbreaks. And, they are reporting the deaths of the unvaccinated people only and are hiding the deaths numbers of the vaccinated population. 

From the data we get every day, we can conclude that C-19 caused deaths to only 6% of the reported deaths in 2020, exposing the fraud. 

Robert Redfield, ex-CDC Chief, shared everything on his hearing by the House Oversight and Reform Select Subcommittee on the C-19 Crisis. According to his testimony, the hospitals were given a ‘’perverse economic incentive’’ to inflate C-19 deaths among the unvaccinated population. 

Natural News

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