Frank Luntz Faces A Massive Scandal!

Luntz was supposed to quit earlier!

The man since always has been a fraud. Those who follow politics know this information. However, the GOP establishment embraces him together with his stupid focus groups.

GOP Minority Leader Kevin McCarty lived with Dunce in D.C., and he will help the GOP learn how to expand their base.

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You should know that Trump wasn’t invited to the conference. That’s why I said that the GOP is useless and the majority has to leave.

Frank Luntz was a fraud, and everyone knew that when his TDS kicked in back in 2016. However, it was confirmed when the data from Hunter’s laptop were revealed.

The last days of Frank Dunce’s career are passing, thanks to one whistleblower who blew the lid off Frank and said that he is a fraud!

The news broke from Salon, a left-leaning site, but it was reported everywhere.

Salon reported:

Republican pollster and Kevin McCarthy friend-slash-roommate Frank Luntz isn’t afraid of boasting about his personal achievements. “Dr. Frank I. Luntz is one of the most honored communication professionals in America today,” reads a biography on his website. But some of his former employees tell a remarkably different story.

Chris Ingram, a former senior vice president at the Luntz Research Company who worked at the company from 1997 through the early 2000s, told Salon that Luntz’s claim to deliver objective data is a “total shtick and a scam.”

Ingram described observing Luntz trying to manipulate focus groups that used “dial testing,” in which participants spin a small handheld device, yielding real-time results in response to questions asked by the presenter. “Frank, when he would be hired by clients, whether they would be corporate or political, would sit in that room yelling, ‘Keep turning the dials! Keep turning the dials!'” Ingram told Salon in a phone interview. Luntz’s primary concern, Ingram said, was results that would yield more “compelling” data to be “present[ed] to the client.”

Ingram added that Luntz doesn’t work as an impartial and honest researcher but as a pay-for-play pawn in Washington. In 1997, the American Association for Public Opinion Research agreed with Ingram’s analysis, finding after a 14-month investigation that Luntz violated the Association’s Code of Professional Ethics and Practices.

“Luntz’s “keep turning the dials” approach, Ingram said, is “clearly not the type of stuff that legitimate public opinion and survey researchers employ,” adding that this was just one of many examples. He described additional ways Luntz would deceive viewers and media companies with such tactics, including screening and selecting participants in a manner that Ingram called “quite frankly bullshit.” – the report added.

“The clowns at MSNBC didn’t have a clue about how the focus groups or panels worked or what Frank was doing,” Ingram said. “The actions were basically contrived: He screened out anybody that isn’t going to give the viewers the opinion that Frank, on behalf of his client, is looking for. Somehow, he is able to bullshit people.”

We face a man who’s a fraud and traitor who plays on two sides, and he’s a part of the GOP establishment.

The GOP Party must be purged and eliminate everyone who is the source of ill of the party.

Wayne Dupree Salon

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