FPEIS Can Detect Voter Anomalies Before And After Election!

After ten years of frustration over the ERIC voter information center, election jurisdictions and other groups can clean registration systems. A substitute for the partisan ERIC voter information center exists. Election jurisdictions and other qualified groups can clean registration systems.

Texans exposed the flaws in our voter registration data. They want to provide views of voter registration data from every State while they target anomalies. Also, they know the lack of access and transparency in voter rolls represent the crucial problem. Some jurisdictions charge from $12,500 to $30,000 for the voter data. The new system includes Micro Apps to look at zones where voter anomalies happen.

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The anomalies are the synonym of fraud.

FPEIS has one billion records on computers that can fit in your hand. Everyone can be accessed from a PH at speeds a thousand times faster than a traditional database. 13 states are running all current capabilities in the system, and an additional 14 will live in a handful of weeks.

It expects to have 3.5 billion records and all US States in the system until spring.

The Fractal Programming Team aren’t only technology gurus but the most sophisticated criminal profiling system.
These are described as industrial-scale fraud detection experts and profilers. Many states and other jurisdictions are working directly with the FP team.

To use this system, you will need a few seconds. For the residents, where six or more voters share the same address, you have to select the State, ‘’Micro App’’. Bear in mind that these are capsule-shaped buttons with labels. Then, click on the 6+ Voters button, and you will get your results.

Advanced Matching:

‘’Micro Apps’’ gives a huge advantage in evaluating voter fraud. They are predetermined profiles that strive users in the direction of possible anomalies. It’s very simple, so even if you are a volunteering grandmother, you will understand. It still collects data sets that will expose more anomalous behavior. The system includes locations from various hotels, motels, churches, UPS and USPS locations, parks, etc.

You can sort your results by age and gender, and you will see thousands and thousands of voters over the age of 25 living at Sororities.

The easiest way to understand Micro Apps are those associated with age.

‘’ Another example is the Micro App called “Shared Phone.” It displays all voter registrations using the same phone number. Thousands of registrations have the 000-000-0000 phone number. However, more unique phone numbers show dozens, sometimes hundreds of registrations using the same number. Our simple explanations about these Micro Apps and their use are only part of the system. Certain ongoing initiatives and other capabilities are under wraps for now. GP will provide updates when that news becomes available.’’ TGP reported.

FPEIS isn’t created to establish voter integrity groups, State and County election jurisdictions, and political parties.

To do this, the team had to split from its original funding source, a truly good guy. The FP team looks for donors and sponsors.

Comparison Engine!

Among the best features is that you can monitor changes in the voter rolls from one day to another. The differences will appear immediately, and they are fully categorized.

In the upcoming November 8th election, FPEIS will take snapshots daily from different states. It won’t only monitor voter registrations but also the data on who cast ballots.

It compares them immediately and sends a text and email about the anomalies.

‘’ In a separate project, the FP Team has successfully built the capabilities to help identify potential voters who may have voted in two or more states or claimed residence in multiple States. The team expects to enable national searches for this issue by any State very soon.

FPEIS is not just providing data online. They analyze the data relentlessly. In another example, they noticed jumps in Voter ID sequencing. Most Voter IDs are created one number after the next, like 151, 152, 153, and so on. Some registration systems mysteriously change. They start assigning new Voter IDs in blocks of ten like 160, 170, 180, and so on. This leaves nine unallocated Voter ID numbers that could be backfilled by fraudsters. See below example.’’ TGP reported.

The system shares how corrupt our registration data is. The FPEIS team has met with a few Secretary of State and many elected officials. The data was shared by these same officials, sometimes at a substantial purchase price to FPEIS. During the presentation, some of the officials denied this; some were even pissed off.

‘’ Many election officials have canned answers and excuses to explain away anomalies. Wisconsin had over 550,000 voters with a registration date of 1918. Their officials said it happened during their migration to a State-based registration system. If the registration date was unknown, the 1918 date was used as a “placeholder.” But that was 16 years ago, and it still hasn’t been fixed. When answers during registration are unknown, using a “placeholder” is a horrible practice. It should be banned from the voter process.’’ TGP.

EPEIS foundation is solid, and the technology is proven, so an NGO can use it as an underlying architecture.

How did the voter registration data get so convoluted?

The voter registration systems used by States have different flaws, especially when they have massive access.

Registration systems can’t accept a birth date over 110 years of age, etc.

After the 2020 election, no one was aware of how many legitimate Americans were registered to vote. The MSM wanted to manipulate the numbers.

The AP reported that between 195 and 215 million people were registered to vote.

We have to clean up the mess we have inside our American voter registration systems.

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