Fox News With Candy To Kids At A School That Cancelled Halloween! Matt Walsh Blasted The WOKE MOB!

"Good news, though. We're sending all of those kids candy, courtesy of Fox. You're welcome. The good stuff too. Like the big Kit-Kats."

Jesse Watters shared this Thursday that Fox News will send candy to the students at a Seattle area school that canceled Halloween because it was racist.

“Good news, though. We’re sending all of those kids candy, courtesy of Fox. You’re welcome. The good stuff too. Like the big Kit-Kats.” Watters stated.

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“It looks like we’re going to have to send a tasty care package to another town, East Lansing, Michigan, where we just learned about a half dozen schools there have canceled Halloween, Valentine’s Day and are considering canceling Christmas too. A group of principals in the town explain this, ‘Along with the fun of Halloween parties and parades, we also have students whose families do not celebrate or feel comfortable with their children participating in festivities.'” Watters continued.

“The letter also claimed Valentine’s day celebrations must be canceled because they can cause quote, classroom drama, and teasing.”

Walsh supported Watters, stating, “I have to admit, I don’t mean to be a traitor here… I’m actually a member of the war on Valentine’s Day. I’m okay with that one because that’s a holiday invented by greeting card companies anyway, but the other ones not so much.”

“And you would think anyway with Halloween, especially in this environment, the left would embrace Halloween because a lot of the kids are wearing masks as part of the costume. So they’d be fine with that.”

“But what you see here is this idea that we have to be inclusive. But every time we hear about inclusiveness, we’re getting rid of things rather than actually including things. We do not include people in celebrations; we’re just erasing them, erasing the things that people enjoy doing. That’s the way it always works with politically correct culture with inclusiveness as its always a negative.”

Waters then responded: “And when you’re in that age group, one of the most exciting things is wearing your costume to school and eating candy in school. It bonds you to the other students. It bonds you, the teachers even, and then Christmas people get into the spirit. They draw a little reindeer. It’s exciting. And I know you’re anti-Valentine’s Day, but when some girl gives you a little candy heart Matt, I mean, it could really melt your whole heart. That’s important.”

And Walsh continued joking, “I probably never got candy hearts in school, so that’s probably why I hold a grudge against Valentine’s Day. But look, they also say, ‘Hey, you know, we can’t have this holiday because some people don’t celebrate it. And that’s when you get out into the world, and people are doing things and celebrating things that maybe you’re not a part of. Isn’t this also where tolerance comes into play? Maybe you need to learn to be tolerant of these celebrations that you’re not a part of.”

Watters then added: “It’s all now about worrying about one kid that might have an uncomfortable emotion because he doesn’t like his particular costume, and we don’t want to have any kid feel an uncomfortable emotion because we have to protect these people, because uncomfortable emotions might kill them. And that is what’s wrong with this country, protecting kids from uncomfortable emotions. How about a little resilience, right? A little resilience could help you succeed in life.”

Walsh concluded, “Especially when you’ve got one person, this is the way it always works. Now, one person is uncomfortable. Ninety-nine people are comfortable, but we’ve got to get rid of the thing that 99 people like for the sake of one. And that’s just, that’s not how the actual world works. I know the left wants to make the world work that way, but it can’t that it never actually will. So you’re not preparing kids to live in the real world.”

Below you can hear their conversation.


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