Fox News Pundit Gregg Jarrett Knows Exactly Why The Democrats Are Against Dr. Fauci At This Particular Moment

The answer is – MIDTERM ELECTIONS!

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Yes! In politics, you must plan everything up ahead. And with the 2022 midterm elections being right around the corner, the Democrats must do something to turn the fame on them – since they’re notoriously infamous. Their plot to undermine President Trump using the big media has brought nothing but failure and financial loss for the outlets, resulting in a major decrease in their viewers.

And now, they see that the people are against the means Dr.Fauci, especially after the e-mails revealing many diety secrets, that were previously believed to be “conspiracy theories” – they have to use this!

And that’s what FNC pundit and ace attorney Gregg Jarrett stated as well. He predicts that there is enough “smoke” now to find the fire, and a criminal investigation should begin of the fraudulent doctor.

Here’s his statement:

Jarrett: “A criminal investigation should be opened into whether Dr. Anthony Fauci lied to Congress when he denied that his agency helped fund dangerous experiments in a Wuhan laboratory that might have caused the COVID-19 pandemic that killed more than 3.5 million people worldwide. Fauci is the medical adviser to the president and the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, an agency within the National Institutes of Health (NIH). He insisted repeatedly during his Senate testimony on May 11, 2021, that the roughly $600,000 in taxpayer money that the NIH funneled through a third party to the Wuhan Institute of Virology in China was never used to support risky experiments – called gain-of-function research – to genetically enhance the pathogenic power of bat coronaviruses that infect humans.

And here’s what Lifezette reported on the same issue:

“The NIH has not ever and does not now fund gain-of-function research in the Wuhan Institute,’ he told a disbelieving Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. Afterward, Sen. Paul declared that Fauci had lied. That was before BuzzFeed News revealed a trove of Fauci’s emails through a Freedom of Information Act request. The communications cast doubt on Fauci’s veracity during the Senate hearing. Upon reading them, Sen. Paul doubled down on his accusation by stating, ‘Fauci has been lying.’ The newly unearthed emails show that Fauci was warned at the outset of the pandemic in late January of 2020 that the COVID-19 virus contained ‘unusual features’ that ‘(potentially) look engineered’ inside a laboratory. Unique genetic sequences not found in nature indicated that scientists might have manipulated cells to make the virus more virulent and contagious. Such gain-of-function experiments could have transformed the virus into a lethal ‘superbug’ that then escaped from the lab and ravaged the world.”

But, there’s even more evidence about Fauci’s “gain of function” accuses, that date way back before this whole mess started!

“At a conference as far back as 2012, Fauci described gain-of-function as ‘reverse genetics,’ which he had energetically endorsed despite its known hazards. Indeed, the NIH money that made its way to the Wuhan lab was specifically designated for ‘reverse genetics,’ according to the written grant. This is compelling evidence that Fauci was not truthful when he testified that the NIH did not fund gain-of-function research…Fauci’s dubious role in all of this should be included in the investigation. If he sought to manipulate public opinion to undermine the truth and lied to or misled Congress in the process, he should be held legally accountable. If he and the NIH helped commission dangerous experiments gone awry, their misfeasance will have exposed the U.S. government and taxpayers to even more financial harm than the pandemic has already wrought. But this is the cost of truth. There is growing suspicion that Fauci is not at all the saintly figure portrayed by the biased and gullible mainstream media. Some now wonder whether he is mendacious or incompetent. I’m betting he is both.”

What’s your opinion on this?


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